Publishings by R A Riekki


Sorry I haven't had the time to update this website, especially adding in my 2016 and 2017 publishing, but I'm on deadline for books with Michigan State University Press and McFarland -- thank you to everyone who reads my writing

Here: Women Writing on Michigan's Upper Peninsula (MSU Press) is a 2016 GREAT LAKES–BEST REGIONAL FICTION Gold winner and a NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARD SHORT STORY FINALIST

A monologue from my adaptation of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (produced at Fancy Pants Theater in Kalamazoo) is upcoming in The Best Men's Stage Monologues 2016 (Smith & Kraus)

My short story "The Family Jewel" from Blue Five Notebook has been selected for BEST SMALL FICTIONS 2015, chosen by Guest Editor & Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert Olen Butler!

BOOKS 2015: Michigan State University Press, May 2015--Here: Women Writing Michigan's Upper Peninsula (with a foreword by Alison Swan)

FICTION/NON-FICTION 2015: "Stray" upcoming in Bellevue Literary Review; "Hate Me" in Oblong Magazine; "Why Do Houses Creak?" and "Adho Mukha Svansana and Murder in the Retirement Community" in Kentucky Review; "I've Got Your Nose," finalist for Writers One Flight Up Short Story Contest; "The Ghosts Got Together to Cure Cancer" and "The Scarecrows Ban Together to Boycott The Wizard of Oz" in Aji Magazine; "Time EMT" in 365 Tomorrows; "The Beard, the Psychopomp" and "There is a Lot of Debate on Whether or Not China was the First or the United States" in Cease, Cows; "My Girlfriend is Chinese" in Ehanom Review; "Going Bowling with Mohammed--I Wanted to Write a Short Story about" in ExFic; "The Absolutely Perfect Death of Harry Houdini" in Extract(s); "The Gun Show in Alabama (Thanks to the NRA, Which Began in 1871, the Same Year as the Peshtigo Fire, the Deadliest Fire in United States History" in The Fear of Monkeys: Politically Oriented Writing; "The Woodpile" in Halcyon Magazine

FILM 2015: For Good Behavior is a semifinalist for the 2015 Marquee Lights Screenplay Competition; Teeths is a top 7 finalist for the Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest in SC w/the award ceremony on May 17; The Knife Association is a Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest finalist in the Horror category and a 2015 International Horror Hotel Screenplay Competition honorable mention selection

PLAYS 2015: The Green is Always Greener on the Greener Side at TILT Performance Group and Ground Floor Theater in Austin, Texas, upcoming in May-June 2015; my adaptation of Night of the Living Dead at Fancy Pants Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan, upcoming in October 2015; Shanghai Monologue with the Royal Court Theater's GRIT; Home Schooling in heart online; A Halloween Carol: The Ghost Story of Christmas Future with Khaos Company Theatre's 2015 Dionysia New Play Competition; The Green is Always Greener on the Greener Side with the Lantern Theater New Writing Festival

POETRY 2015: "Poem about a Werewolf that I Copied from Shakespeare" in B O D Y, "The Hitchhiker" in The Kentucky Review (print edition); "The Burn Bin, Turkey, Classified Material" in Carcinogenic Poetry; "Abd al Malik" in Wild Violet; "Portrait of Two Friends Painting Portraits of Two Friends," "The Girl Who Said I Had to Believe in Jesus or She'd Leave Me," "Canada," and "The Homeless Man in Back Watches the Feminist University Professor on Stage" in Stride Magazine; "Cathedrals, France," "To the Girl Who Left Me for Jesus," and "Walking with Amélie by the River, Lille" in Calvary Cross; "Walking the Streets of Lille After Our Argument" in Bluepepper; "My Ex- and God" in Ancient Paths Online; "The Beauty of the Upper Peninsula" in Eye on Life Online Magazine; ["In prison]" in A Hundred Gourds; "My Brother Thinks I'm Suicidal" and "The Things I Never Should Have Done" in 2River View; "My Parents' Camp on Dead River" and "The Poem about Suicide" in Old Red Kimono; "There are Five Elements to a Short Story" in Slipstream; "A Relative Tells Me of His Sexual Abuse" and "Psych Ward, Seattle" in The Stray Branch; "Costs," "I Found Out My Roommate," "Union Springs, AL," "God," "In Paramedic School, My First Dead Patient," and "Autobiography" in Danse Macabre

The Way North--finalist for 2014 Midwest Book Award, Foreword Book of the Year Award, Next Generation Indie Book Award, & Eric Hoffer Book Award (shortlisted for Grand Prize), & chosen by Library of Michigan as 2014 Michigan Notable Book

FICTION/NON-FICTION PUBLISHED IN 2014: [note: I have a lot more to add when I have free time] "Dart" in Prairie Schooner; "The Birds" and "XING" in Loch Raven Review,; "World War A" in Microhorror; "It's a Simple Thing, Distance" in Out of the Gutter Online: Pulp Fiction & More; "Acquired" in decomP magazinE; "The Family Jewel" in Blue Fifth Review; "Airway" in H_NGM_N; "Air" and "The Baby in the Air," Connotation Press; "American Education at the Community College" and "The True Story of Yin," Santa Fe Literary Review; "Chrome," Nailpolish Stories; "Ah, to Burn," "Another True Story about China," and "The Tea Party," 3Elements Review; "The Ecdysiast," Liars' League NYC; "Forty Years Later: You Probably Heard about It on the News," Cease, Cows; "He Knows What It Means," Pithead Chapel; "Dŕtúsha," Border Crossing; "Your Wonderwall" in CHEAP POP; "'Ambulance' Means 'Walking,' 'Christmas' Means 'Dead'" in Voluted Tales; "Digging Up Doug" in T. Gene Davis's Speculative Blog; "XING" in Tales to Terrify; "[Xxxxx Decides to Expand]," "Dear DOGZPLOT," and "The American University in America" in DOGZPLOT; "We Have Five Liters of Circulating Blood" in The Legendary; "I Used to Be a Paramedic and One of the Paramedics Used to Eat the Patients" in Literary Orphans; "Shift" in The Quotable"; "Clown" in Mad Swirl;

POETRY PUBLISHED IN 2014: [note: I have a lot more to add when I have free time] "China (What If I'd Stayed at the Plantation University in Alabama) in Spillway; "Teaching the Qur'an at Auburn, a Lesson" in Mizna: Prose, Poetry and Art Exploring Arab America; "Lou Reed," "Un-unemployment," "The Paramedic Said, 'Doctors are Stupid,'" and "On the Train from the Czech Republic to Hungary," in Dead Snakes; "The Patient Who Fell Up the Stairs," "Crying in Front of a Patient (for Kate Gale)," and "Advice to an EMT" in Chest Journal: the Official Publication of Chest Physicians' Pectoriloquy; "The Morgue Supervisor," "The Love Poem," and "My Third Hour of Waiting at the V.A. Hospital" in the kitchen poets/Underground Books; "Masturbation," Drown in My Own Fears; "You Say," Gutter Eloquence Magazine; "Masturbating," Gertrude Press; "Some People Drink Themselves to Death," Gravel; "We are Really Cool," Parody Poetry Journal; "The Doctor at the V.A." and "My Best Friend Attempts Suicide, Fails," Mad Hatter Lit; "Corpse Mistaken for Halloween Decoration" in Red Fez; "The Hitchhiker" in Kentucky Review; "We are Really Cool" in Poetry Parody Journal; "The Road Taken," "Numbers (Apocrypha)," and "Counting Down the Last Days of the Beats" in The Fib Review; "Thought" in work to a calm;

THEATER/PLAYS IN 2014: We Tried to Sacrifice Ed to the Devil, finalist for Wildclaw Theatre's International Festival of Radio Plays; The Birds and the Bees and the Prostitutes: a Bar Play, finalist for Blue Box World

SCREENPLAYS IN 2014: The First Real Halloween won best screenplay in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category for the 2014 International Family Film Festival in L.A. & The Knife Association was a finalist for the 2014 Terror Film Festival

POETRY PUBLISHED 2013: "I Took a Philosophy Class and Asked My Professor What the Meaning of Life is" in Gutter Eloquence Magazine"I Had Sex with a Girl" and "Teacher in Space Project," Kind of a Hurricane Press's Point Mass; The Unemployment in Palmer," New Issues Press, Poetry in Michigan/Michigan in Poetry; "Kissing Her" and "Palmer, Michigan," Northern Cardinal Review"Shanghaied [for Bei Dao] and "Traditional Chinese Medicine," Shot Glass Journal; "Non-Demoninational and Tone Deaf," "The Autobiography of," "Working for Nine Dollars an Hour at the Haunted Hayride" audio poem, and "She Asks If I Killed Anyone During the War" in Collective Exile; "Reap I" and "Much Better Pay Than Minimum Wage," Carcinogenic Poetry; "From My Window in Shanghai" in Loch Raven Review; "For Jacob Osae," "For Victoria Nunoo," and "For Novisi Dzitrie" in One Ghana, One Voice"China (What If I'd Stayed in Alabama at the Plantation University?)" in Spillway's December "The Long and Short of It" issue; [untitled: for obvious reasons]" in Corvus Magazine; "You Two" and "[. . .] Seeing the Negaunee Graveyard Coming to Life" in Fib Review; "Chinese Dissidents: C. Lujun," "Chinese Dissidents: L. Di," and "Chinese Dissidents: W. Dan" in Otoliths; "Love Poem, Cincinnati" in Toe Good Poetry; "Driving from Ocala, Florida, to Munising, Michigan" in Message in a Bottle Poetry Magazine, Spring 2014; "The Blood I've Seen (a memoir)" and "Daffodils and Hos" in Thick With Conviction, June 2013; "Working the Night Shift in the E.R." and the re-publishing of "Reap I" in Chantarelle's Notebook; "Reading a Chinese Dictionary" in UC-Santa Barbara's Into the Teeth of the Wind; "After They Leave" in The Way North (Pushcart nominated)

FICTION/NON-FICTION PUBLISHED 2013: "The Ten Most Insane People I Ever Met" and "[. . .] My Life at Harvard," The Fat City Review; "A Bunch of People Who've Died," SLAB Literary Magazine"ČR," Amarillo Bay Literary Magazine; "The Soup of Aiqing," Loch Raven Review 

POEMS PUBLISHED (2012): "Writing" in Artichoke Haircut: An Arts and Literary Magazine; "Wine Country" in Whirlwind Review"The Upper Peninsula Talks to Lower Michigan in a Bar in Wisconsin," Verse Wisconsin (Best of the Net nominated)"This is a Poem about Having Sexual Intercourse with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney," "Sex with Santorum," "Sex with Obama," and "Holding Hands with Hillary," Verse Wisconsin,; "I Don't Want the Women Who Want Me," Glint Literary Journal; "Chatham" and "Daggett," Michigan State University's The OffBeat; "Seven, I Knew Lightning," Lake Superior State University's Border Crossing; "We Went to the Museum of Fine Arts," Edison Literary Review; "After They Leave" in WSU Press anthology; "Dominos," Clockhouse Review; "The Upper Peninsula Talks to Lower Michigan in a Bar in Wisconsin" in the online version, Verse Wisconsin and "My Dad Tries to Be Kind to Me After My Suicide Attempt" in the print version, Verse Wisconsin; "Walking, Old," The Toronto Quarterly; "I Took a Course in Buddhism," Boyne Berries Magazine (Ireland); "I Like When My Car Breaks Down," "The Reason I'm Not a Motivational Speaker," "When Mark's Girlfriend Found Out," "The Only Time My Sister was Ever Suicidal was When She was Having Major Financial Problems and so They Put Her in a Psych Ward on a Friday and," & "My Uncle Paul Calls from Baltimore to Tell Me about His Dreams (A Found Poem)," Salit Magazine

POEMS PUBLISHED (2011): audio poetry "And I Still Want This," "Uncle Paul," "A List of Famous Mustaches" and "Shooting" in Verse Wisconsin,; "William S. Burroughs' Voice" in Brittle Star,; "Hext, Texas, Right Now" in Country Music,; "Now" and "Looking at a Photo of Thich Nhat Hanh in the South of France" in Buddhist Poetry Review,; "Her First Name Began with J and She Would Hate This Poem Even More Than She Hates Me" in St. Sebastian Review,; "Amy Lynn Hess" & "Andrea K. Devenney" in Jones Av; "Marilyn Manson Talks About Lewis Carroll" in Rogues & Scholars,;"Ontology: I Was Talking with a Student Who Went to Auburn University" republished in Out of Our; "Myocardial" in 491 Magazine,; "Haunted Hayride, Griffith Park, Dusk, 2010," "On the Night She Broke Up with Me," & "Baraga Maximum Security Correctional Facility" in Wilderness House Literary Review,; "I Lived in a Mausoleum Once" & "And I Knew She Wouldn't Let Me Otherwise" in The Whistling Fire,; "Country Road 492" in Temenos Journal,

POEMS PUBLISHED (2010, abbreviated list): "I See Ghosts" in Message in a Bottle,; "My Little Brother" in Christian Science Monitor,; "Villanelle: Aghast" in Tilt-A-Whirl,; "In Florida We Don't Get Many Hypothermic Patients" and "Wondering Where My Ex- Is" in Talon Magazine; "I Once Got a Grant to Go to Prague" in Asphodel Madness; "When I Taught Poetry in Prison" in Otoliths; "I Wish My Wife Was Sylvia Plath," "Matthew 7:22," "The Paramedic Tells Us His Favorite Stories," "'i don't like the fact that the drank himself to death,'" and "Non-" in ditch,; "The List of Famous Mustaches," "At a Party I Asked Martha, Greg, Julie, Kendrah, Steve, and Jason to Name a Famous Poet and They Said," "I Wrote This Poem While Listening to Richard Hell's 2009 Interview at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne on Youtube," & "Working for Nine Dollars an Hour at a Haunted Hayride" in Salit Magazine Featured poet in an issue of Salit Magazine, asked to nominate a poet to be featured for a future issue of Salit and nominated Amy Lynn Hess (MFA, Naropa, 2006). "And Let God" in DMQ Review,; "Leesburg, Florida, 2005" in Six Little Things,; "I Need to Write This Prose Poem to Get a Job Teaching Creative Writing at a University--If This Poem Does Not Get Published, Then I Will have to Stay Living with My Parents in their Spare Room with the Algae Green Carpet and Hovering Pendulum of Abstinence" in The Prose-Poem Project,; "I Write Poems" and "We Collapse on a Basketball Court" in Hudson View; "Maybe, in Our Own Way, We Were Both Morons" and "The Taxi Driver in Singapore" in Verse Wisconsin,; "Ontology: I was Talking to a Student Who Went to Auburn University" and "I Might Get in Trouble for Writing This Poem" in Pemmican,; "He was Hypoglycemic" in Gutter Eloquence Magazine; "He Shot His Hand Off" & "We Started Off with 24 Paramedic Students in my Class" in H.O.D.; "True Story," "Ants Keep Biting Me," & "She Would Like If I Wrote a Poem about Her" in Carcinogenic Poetry,; "Why Is It That All the Republicans I Know" in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal (selected as Editor's Pick),; translation of Alfred Garneau's "Devant la grille du cimetiere" in Lucid Rhythms, &,; "Ann Beattie," "Kendrah McKay," & "Everybody, Open Up Your Hymn Books" in Melusine,; "If Spiro Agnew had a Grandson who was a Male Stripper during the Second Bush Administration, He Would Say This to the Girl at the Party Standing by the Candles" in The Fossil Record,; "She Doesn't Want to Go to the Hospital" in Haggard & Halloo.

AUDIO POEMS: "I See Ghosts" (audio by Dan Wrzesinski),; "The List of Famous Mustaches,"; "The Reason I'm Not a Motivational Speaker,"; audio poetry "And I Still Want This," "Uncle Paul," "A List of Famous Mustaches" and "Shooting" in Verse Wisconsin,;

FICTION AND NON-FICTION PUBLISHED (2012): "Heroes" in Moonshot Magazine (nominated for a Pushcart Prize),; "Towards It" and "I Got a Writing Residency," Sleipnir"From Now On I'll Just Tell Them to Read This and Then I Don't Have to Say It Anymore," "I Saw God Once," & "When My Cousin Gets Drunk" in Inch Magazine"And I Believe There is a Wrong Decision" in Michigan State University's The OffBeat; "We Tried to Sacrifice Ed to the Devil" in WSU Press anthology

FICTION AND NON-FICTION PUBLISHED (2011): "Just to Piss Her Off" in Illogical Muse,; "Fiction" in PANK Magazine,; "But Be Honest, the Qur'an is a Piece of" in BluePrintReview,

FICTION PUBLISHED (2010): "Fontanel" in Prick of the Spindle at; "30 Foxtrot" in The Smoking Poet at; "Write a Book" in The Citron Review at

PLAY PERFORMANCES (2012): Dandelion Cottage at Lake Superior Theater in Marquette, Michigan,; How to Kill Yourself with a Gun and a Bottle of Pills at Ann Arbor Civic Theatre, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jun 15 (reading),

PLAY PERFORMANCES (2011): Carol at Stageworks/Hudson in New York,, for their Play by Play Annual Festival of New One-Acts with this year's theme of Shadows, (Best Ten Minute Plays 2012 selected) 

PLAY PERFORMANCES (2010): All Saints' Day at Ruckus Theater/The Side Project Theater in Chicago, Sep. 2-26, 2010, starring Elizabeth Bagby, Kevin Crispin, and Matthew Humphrey, directed by Brian Ruby --