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U.P. Book Tour and Events

Posted by R.A. Riekki on January 30, 2009 at 4:05 AM

U.P/MI BOOK TOUR 2015--this year's focus is on the great women authors in the state of Michigan

Jun 4, 8:15am--WNBY, Newberry, radio interview with April Lindala

Jun 6, 10am—Lake Ann Public Library, Lake Ann, with Vincent Reusch and Heather A. Slomski

Jun 6, 1-3pm—Blue Frog Books, Howell, with Caitlin Horrocks and Charmi Keranen

Jun 11, 8:15am--WNBY, Newberry, radio interview with Saara Myrene Raappana

Jun 11, 3-4pm--Tahquamenon Library, Newberry, with April Lindala and Saara Myrene Raappana

Jun 11, 7pm—Bayliss Public Library, Sault Ste. Marie, reading and book signing with Julie Brooks Barbour, April Lindala, Saara Myrene Raappana, and U.P. Poet Laureate Andrea Scarpino [books supplied by Lake Superior State University bookstore]

Jun 13, 1-3pm-- Blue Frog Books, Howell, with Amy McInnis and Alison Swan

Jun 13, 2-3pm--Island Bookstore, Mackinac Island, with Gloria Whelan

Jun 17, 7pm, Dog Ears Books, Northport, with Ellen Airgood

Jun 18, 7pm--Beaver Island library, Beaver Island, with Ellen Airgood

Jun 20, 11:30am-2:30pm—Saturn Booksellers, Gaylord, book signing only, with Julie Brooks Barbour and Sue Harrison

Jun 27, 4-6 pm—Horizon Books, Traverse City, with Kate Bassett, Alison DeCamp, and Caitlin Horrocks

Jun 29, 7pm—Literati Bookstore, Ann Arbor, with Bonnie Jo Campbell, Caitlin Horrocks, Alison Swan, and Gloria Whelan

Jul 8, events throughout the day--Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island, MRA Summer Literature Conference, with Ellen Airgood

Jul 15, 1pm-2:30pm—Munising Public Library, Munising, reading with Elinor Benedict, L.E. Kimball, and Beverly Matherne

Jul 16, 7:30pm--Women & Children First, Chicago, with Bonnie Jo Campbell and April Lindala

Jul 17, 7pm--Bookbug, Kalamazoo, with Bonnie Jo Campbell and Charmi Keranen

Jul 19, 12-2pm—Falling Rock Café and Bookstore, Munising, book signing and reading with Lisa Fay Coutley, Sue Harrison, Barbara Henning, and Alison Swan

Jul 21, 1pm--Media Meet PBS filming, Marquette, with Lisa Fay Coutley, Charmi Keranen, Andrea Scarpino, and Alison Swan [this event isn't open to the public, but it will air on U.P. PBS]

Jul 24, 3pm—Mackinaw Area Public Library, Mackinaw City, with Julie Brooks Barbour, Julie Buckles, Sue Harrison

Jul 25, 1 pm—St. Ignace Library, St. Ignace, with Sue Harrison, Janice Repka, and Keith Taylor

Aug 6, 6:30pm (Central Time for this event)—Wakefield Public Library/Municipal Building, Wakefield, reading with Julie Buckles, Beverly Matherne and host Jane Piirto

Aug 15, 7pm--Beaver Island library, Beaver Island, with Bonnie Jo Campbell

Aug 16, time TBA—Grandpa’s Barn, Copper Harbor, with Charmi Keranen

Aug 19, 6:30pm—Calumet Public Library, Calumet, reading and signing, with Jennifer Billock and Charmi Keranen


Sep 17, 6:30pm-- Escanaba Public Library, Escanaba, with April Lindala and Andrea Scarpino


Sep 23, 7pm—Snowbound Books/Peter White Public Library, Marquette, with Ellen Airgood, Diane Sautter, Andrea Scarpino, Alison Swan


Sep 24, 7pm--Beaver Island library, Beaver Island, with Charmi Keranen


Oct 3, noon—Bookbug, Kalamazoo, with Bonnie Jo Campbell signing copies of her new book Mothers, Tell Your Daughters and also Here


Oct 9, time TBA--Schuler Books, Okemos, with Kate Bassett, Jennifer Burd, Alison DeCamp, Sue Harrison, and Keith Taylor [Note: Kate Bassett and Alison DeCamp could not make this event]


Dec 12, 1-2:30pm--Kazoo Books, Kalamazoo, Author Hop, with Charmi Keranen and L.E. Kimball



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2014 U.P./MI Book Tour dates--33 authors, 21 events, 19 cities [this tour's made possible thanks to the Michigan Notable Book/Library of Michigan--a huge thanks to them]

Mar 29, 3-4:30pm, South Manatee Library, Bradenton, FL, w/JULIE SONDRA DECKER, RYAN MEANY, Ron Riekki

Apr 22, 2-3:30pm, Paw Paw District Library, Paw Paw, MI, w/JOY GAINES-FRIEDLER, JOSEPH GROSS, ARNIE JOHNSTON, KIM KOLBE, Ron Riekki, ALISON SWAN [books supplied by Kazoo Books]

Apr 22, 6:30-8pm, Van Buren District Library, Bangor, MI, w/JOY GAINES-FRIEDLER, CHARMI KERANEN, KATHLEEN MCGOOKEY, Ron Riekki, ALISON SWAN [books supplied by Kazoo Books]

Apr 23, 5:30-7pm, Richland Community Library, Richland, MI, w/PATRICIA CLARK, ARNIE JOHNSTON, ANDY MOZINA, Ron Riekki, PHILLIP STERLING [books supplied by Kazoo Books]

Apr 23, 7:30-9pm, Ransom District Library, Plainwell, MI, w/PATRICIA CLARK, ARNIE JOHNSTON, Ron Riekki, JOHN RYBICKI, PHILLIP STERLING [books supplied by Kazoo Books]

Apr 24, 6-7:30pm, Reese Unity District Library, Reese, MI, w/Ron Riekki, ALISON SWAN

Apr 25, noon-1:30pm, Summerfield-Petersburg Branch Library, Petersburg, MI, w/D.R. JAMES, JANE PIIRTO, Ron Riekki, ALISON SWAN

Apr 26, 2:30-4pm, Barnes & Noble, Lansing, w/KIM KOLBE, Ron Riekki

Apr 26, 4:30pm-8pm-ish, Michigan Notable Book Ceremony, Library of Michigan, Lansing, MI, w/the 2014 Michigan Notable Book authors


Apr 27, 5-6:30pm, Rudyard Public Library, Rudyard, MI, w/ALEX GUBBINS, JOHN GUBBINS, Ron Riekki, ERIC TORGERSEN

Apr 28, 11-noon, Presque Isle District Library, Rogers City, MI, w/JOHN GUBBINS, JOSIE KEARNS, Ron Riekki

Apr 28, 2-3:30pm, Mackinaw Public Library, Mackinaw City, MI, w/JENNIFER BURD, DARRIN DOYLE, GORDON HENRY, JOSIE KEARNS, Ron Riekki

Apr 28, 6:30-8pm, De Tour Village Public Library, De Tour Village, MI, w/Ron Riekki

Apr 29, 1-2:30pm, Tahquamenon Library, Newberry, MI, w/GORDON HENRY, JOSIE KEARNS, Ron Riekki, ANDREA SCARPINO

Apr 29, 5:30-6:30pm, Les Cheneaux Library, Cedarville, MI, w/GORDON HENRY

Apr 29, 6:30-7:30pm, Les Cheneaux Library, Cedarville, MI, w/Ron Riekki

Apr 30, 1-2pm, Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore, Munising, MI, w/LISA FAY COUTLEY, L.E. KIMBALL, APRIL LINDALA, Ron Riekki, ANDREA SCARPINO

Apr 30, 6:30-8pm, Portage Lake District Library, Houghton, MI, w/Ron Riekki

Jul 19, 5-7pm, Ontonagon Township Library, Ontonagon, MI, readng w/Sally Brunk, April Lindala, Janeen Rastall, Cameron Witbeck

Sep 25, time TBA, University of Houston-Victoria American Book Review Reading Series, Victoria, TX, w/Ron Riekki


Oct 9, 2pm, The Villages Public Library, The Villages, FL, w/Ron Riekki

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final TOUR DATES for U.P. Book Tour 2013 (50+ events, 40+ writers, 25+ cities)

Aug 20 (Tues)--Barnes and Noble (9605 Green Oak Village Place, Brighton 48116), 1-3pm, signing w/Barbara Krueger, Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor, Gloria Whelan

Aug 20 (Tues)--Schuler Books (1982 W Grand River Ave, Okemos 48864), 6:30pm, reading/signing w/Jennifer Burd, Sue Harrison, Mary McMyne, Janice Repka, Ron Riekki

2013 (Past Events)

May 17 (Fri)—Books & Beer Backyard Bash, the Old Miami (midtown Detroit), 5:30pm, w/Chris Dombrowski, Jack Ridl, Ron Riekki, Gloria Whelan

May 18 (Sat)—Mad Libs Poetry Session, Ann Arbor District Library (Ann Arbor), 11:30am, w/Chris Dombrowki, francine j. harris, M.L. Liebler, Jack Ridl, Keith Taylor

May 18 (Sat)—My Favorite Michigan Author, Schuler Books (Okemos), 3pm, w/Michael Delp, Janet Kauffman, Andy Mozina, Ron Riekki, Phillip Sterling, Gloria Whelan

May 18 (Sat)—An Evening with the Made in Michigan Writers Series, Grand Rapids Public Museum/Meijer Theater and Lobby, 6:30pm, w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, Gloria Whelan

May 20 (Mon)—Peter White Public Library (Marquette), 7pm, w/Marty Achatz, L.E. Kimball, April Lindala, Beverly Matherne, Janeen Rastall, John Smolens, Cameron Witbeck

Jul 10 (Wed)--Media Meet (WNMU-TV PBS), 2pm, filming w/top five U.P. Poet Laureate finalists Elinor Benedict, Randall R. Freisinger, Eric Gadzinski, Russell Thorburn (pre-taping w/Austin Hummell)

Jul 10 (Wed)--Book World (136 W. Washington, Marquette 49855), 5-6pm, signing w/top ten U.P. Poet Laureate finalists Eric Gadzinski, Austin Hummell, Kathleen Heideman, Beverly Matherne, M. Bartley Seigel

Jul 10 (Wed)--Vista Theater (218 Iron St., Negaunee 49866), 7pm, reading/signing w/top five U.P. Poet Laureate finalists Elinor Benedict, Randall R. Freisinger, Eric Gadzinski, Austin Hummell, Russell Thorburn, top ten finalists Marty Achatz, Kathleen Heideman, Beverly Matherne, M. Bartley Seigel, and host Janeen Rastall

Jul 21 (Sun)--Book World (136 W. Washington, Marquette 49855), 2-4pm, signing w/U.P. Poet Laureate runner-up Elinor Benedict

Jul 22 (Mon)--Erickson Center (N 9246 Saw-Wa-Quate St., Curtis, MI), 7pm, w/Marty Achatz, Sue Harrison, Jen A. Howard

Jul 25 (Thurs)--Kazoo Books II (2413 Parkview, Kalamazoo 49008 ), 6:30pm, reading/signing w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, Nancy Eimers, Kim Kolbe, Janeen Rastall, Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor, Eric Torgersen 

Jul 27 (Sat)--Horizon Books (115 S. Mitchell St., Cadillac 49601), 2-4pm, signing w/Andrew Kantar, Janeen Rastall, Ron Riekki, Phillip Sterling, Eric Torgersen

Jul 30 (Tues)--Schuler Books (1982 W. Grand River Ave., Okemos 48864), 6:30pm, reading/signing w/Janeen Rastall, Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor

Jul 31 (Wed)--Roscommon Library (241 E Federal Highway, Roscommon 48653), 3:30pm, w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 31(Wed)—Horizon Books (243 E. Front St., Traverse City 49684), 7pm, signing w/Steve Hamilton, L.E. Kimball, Vincent Reusch, Ron Riekki

Aug 1 (Thurs)--Books-A-Million (2612 Crossings Circle, Traverse City 49864), 12pm, w/Steve Hamilton

Aug 1 (Thurs)--Beaver Island Public Library (26400 Donegal Bay Rd., Beaver Island 49782), 7pm, reading w/M.L. Liebler, Ron Riekki, host: Patrick McGinnity

Aug 2 (Fri)--Safe Harbor Books (16E M-134, Cedarville 49762), 12pm, w/Steve Hamilton

Aug 2 (Fri)--Anchor in Naubinway (W11623 US Highway 2 Worth Rd, Naubinway 49762), 2pm, w/Steve Hamilton

Aug 2 (Fri)--First Edition, Too (W4487 Worth Rd, Moran 49760), 4pm, w/Steve Hamilton

Aug 2 (Fri)--Beaver Island Public Library (26400 Donegal Bay Rd.,Beaver Island 49782), 7pm, reading w/M.L. Liebler, Beverly Matherne, Mary McMyne, Janeen Rastall, Keith Taylor, hosts: Patrick McGinnity, Ron Riekki 

Aug 3 (Sat)--Bayliss Public Library (541 Library Drive, Sault Ste Marie 49783), 11am, signing w/Steve Hamilton

Aug 3 (Sat)—Harbor Springs Public Library (206 Spring Street, Harbor Springs 49740), 11:30-1pm, reading w/M.L. Liebler, Ron Riekki, Phillip Sterling, Keith Taylor [this event was cancelled]

Aug 3 (Sat)--Up North Books (3362 I 75 Business Spur, Sault Ste Marie 49783), 2pm, w/Steve Hamilton

Aug 3 (Sat)--Book World (404 Ashmun St, Sault Ste Marie 49783), 5pm, w/Steve Hamilton

Aug 4 (Sun)—Book World (404 Ashmun St., Sault Ste Marie 49783), 2-4pm, signing w/Ellen Airgood, Ron Riekki 

Aug 4 (Sun)—Lake Superior State University (Superior Room, Walker Cisler Student and Conference Center, Sault Ste Marie 49783), 6pm, reading/Q&A/signing w/Ellen Airgood, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Sue Harrison, host: Diana Pingatore w/presentation of the Writing the U.P. Award

Aug 5 (Mon)--WNBY (Newberry), 8:30am, in-studio radio interview, w/Steve Hamilton, Ron Riekki

Aug 5 (Mon)—Rudyard School Public Library (11185 West Second Street, Rudyard 49780), 1-2pm, panel w/Marty Achatz, Steve Hamilton, Sue Harrison, Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor

Aug 5 (Mon)—Whitefish Township Community Library (7247 North M-123, Paradise 49768 ), 3:30-4:30pm, panel w/Marty Achatz, Julie Brooks Barbour, Steve Hamilton, Keith Taylor

Aug 5 (Mon)—Tahquamenon Public Library (700 Newberry Ave., Newberry 49868 ), 6-8pm, panel w/Ellen Airgood, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Steve Hamilton, Ron Riekki, John Smolens

Aug 6 (Mon)--Moose du Nord (23981 County Road 98, Helmer MI 49853), 10-10:30am, w/Steve Hamilton, Ron Riekki

Aug 6 (Tues)--Curtis Library (N. 9220 Portage Ave., Curtis 49820), 11:30am, w/Steve Hamilton, Ron Riekki

Aug 6 (Tues)—Falling Rock Café & Bookstore (104 E. Munising Ave., Munising 49862, 2-4pm, signing w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, Steve Hamilton, Ron Riekki (John Smolens canceled for this event)

Aug 6 (Tues)--Snowbound Books (118 N 3rd St, Marquette 49855), 5-7pm, signing w/Steve Hamilton

Aug 6 (Tues)—Butler Theatre (121 South Main St, Ishpeming 49849), 7-9pm, reading w/Amber Edmondson, Sue Harrison, Jen A. Howard, Beverly Matherne, Janeen Rastall, Saara Myrene Raappana (Robert Alexander, Sharon Dilworth, and Andrea Scarpino canceled for this event)

Aug 7 (Wed)—Negaunee Public Library (319 West Case Street, Negaunee 49866), 2-3: 30pm, reading/panel w/Sue Harrison, L.E. Kimball, April Lindala (Sharon Dilworth and Austin Hummell canceled for this event)

Aug 8 (Thurs)—Book World (136 W. Washington, Marquette 49855), 4:30-6pm, signing w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, April Lindala, Jane Piirto, Ron Riekki

Aug 8 (Thurs) Snowbound Books (118 N Third St., Marquette 49855), 6:30-8pm, w/Bonnie Jo Campbell (Sharon Dilworth has canceled for this event) 

Aug 9 (Fri)—North Wind Books (601 Quincy St., Hancock 49930), 2-4pm, reading/signing w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, Randall R. Freisinger, April Lindala, Ron Riekki, Phillip Sterling

Aug 9 (Fri)--Book World (136 W. Washington, Marquette 49855), 3-5pm, signing w/Marty Achatz, Janeen Rastall, Jeff Vande Zande

Aug 9 (Fri)—Portage Lake District Library (58 Huron Street, Houghton 49931), 4:30pm, reading w/Randall R. Freisinger, April Lindala, Ron Riekki, Phillip Sterling

Aug 10 (Sat)—Grandpa’s Barn (385 4th St., Copper Harbor 49918 ), 2-4pm, signing w/Ron Riekki

Aug 10 (Sat)—Grandpa’s Barn (385 4th St., Copper Harbor 49918 ), 2:30-4:30pm, signing w/Randall R. Freisinger, Keith Taylor

Aug 10 (Sat)—Grandpa’s Barn (385 4th St., Copper Harbor 49918 ), 3-5pm, signing w/Bonnie Jo Campbell

Aug 11 (Sun)—Book World (114 E Wall St., Eagle River, WI 54521), 11-1pm, signing w/Sue Harrison, Beverly Matherne

Aug 11 (Sun)—Book World (114 E Wall St., Eagle River, WI 54521), 1-3pm, signing w/Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor

Aug 12 (Mon)—Book World (58 N Brown St., Rhinelander, WI 54501), 11-12:30pm, signing w/Sue Harrison, Beverly Matherne

Aug 12 (Mon)—Book World (58 N Brown St., Rhinelander, WI 54501), 12:30-2pm, signing w/Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor

Aug 12 (Mon)—Book World (1104 S Stephenson Ave, Iron Mountain 49801), 5-6pm, signing w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, Beverly Matherne, Ron Riekki

Aug 12 (Mon)--Dickinson County Library (401 Iron Mountain St., Iron Mountain 49801), 6:30-8pm, short readings/panel/Q&A w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, Sue Harrison, Beverly Matherne, Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor [books supplied by Friends of the Library]

Aug 13 (Tues)—Book World (301 N Lincoln Rd Ste 29, Escanaba 49829), 2:30-4pm, signing w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, Ron Riekki, Catie Rosemurgy

Aug 13 (Tues)—Escanaba Public Library (400 Ludington St, Escanaba 49829), 7pm, short readings/panel/Q&A w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, Ron Riekki, Catie Rosemurgy

Aug 14 (Wed)—Manistique Public Library (100 N Cedar St, Manistique 49854), 1-3pm, panel/Q&A/reading w/Elinor Benedict, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Amber Edmondson, Ron Riekki, Phillip Sterling

Aug 14 (Wed)—Book World (52 N State St, St. Ignace 49781), 6-7pm, signing w/Bonnie Jo Campbell, Janice Repka, Ron Riekki

 Aug 15 (Thurs)—Cheboygan Public Library (100 S. Bailey Street, Cheboygan 49721), 6:30pm, short readings/panel/Q&A w/Sue Harrison, Janice Repka, Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor, host Dr. Diana Pingatore

Aug 17 (Sat)--Barnes and Noble (9605 Green Oak Village Place, Brighton 48116), 1-3pm, signing w/Amber Edmondson, Janeen Rastall, Ron Riekki

Aug 17 (Sat)--Barnes and Noble (5132 W. Saginaw Hwy, Lansing MI 48917), 5pm, signing w/Jennifer Burd, Janeen Rastall, Ron Riekki [Amber Edmondson and Eric Gadzinski canceled for this event]

Aug 19 (Mon)--George W. Spindler Memorial Library (186 N Main St, Woodland 48897), 6pm, reading/Q&A w/Sue Harrison, Mary McMyne, Ron Riekki

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The U.P. Book Tour 2012 events w/headliner Don Hall are below, [below is only a partial listing of events; THIS TOUR WAS MADE POSSIBLE BY THE MICHIGAN HUMANITIES COUNCIL--A HUGE THANK YOU TO THEM]

Jun 22 (Fr) 2-4pm, Menominee County Library, Stephenson, reading and Q&A w/Ellen Airgood, Donald Hall, and Ander Monson; host: Ron Riekki (books supplied by Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore)

Jun 24 (Su) 2-3pm, Snowbound Books, signing w/Ron Riekki, Andrea Scarpino, john Smolens, and Russell Thorburn

Jun 26 (Tu) 7-9pm, Lake Superior Theatre, Marquette, the Center for U.P. Studies book release event w/Grace Chaillier, Echoe Deibert, Chad Faries, April Lindala, Marty Reinhardt, Ron Riekki, Catie Rosemurgy, and actors from Lake Superior Theatre

Jun 30 (Sa) 7-9pm, Bayliss Public Library, Sault Ste. Marie, reading w/Jennifer Burd, Sue Harrison, Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor, and B. David Warner; host: Julie Brooks Barbour

Jul 5 (Th) 7-9pm, Ontonagon Township Library, Ontonagon, panel w/Travis Brown, Steve Feffer, Eric Gadzinski, Cris Mazza, and Ron Riekki; host: Sally Brunk

Jul 6 (Fr), 8-10pm, Players de Noc/Escanaba Library, Escanaba, play reading w/Beverly Matherne, Ron Riekki, Russell Thorburn, Cameron Witbeck, and featuring Catie Rosemurgy

THE U.P. BOOK TOUR 2011 w/headliner Steve Hamilton

Jun 23 (Th) 7-9pm, Peter White Public Library, Marquette, panel w/Nancy Dwyer, Austin Hummell, Dianne Patrick, Cathy Seblonka, Roxane Gay; host: Lisa Cerasoli Weaver; guest appearances by Catie Rosemurgy, John Smolens, Tyler Tichelaar(opening event of THE U.P. BOOK TOUR 2011)

Jun 25 (Sa) 2-4pm, Aurora Bookstore, Menominee, reading/panel/book signing w/Josie Kearns, Vincent Reusch, Ron Riekki, Catie Rosemurgy

Jun 30 (Th) 7-9pm, Peter White Public Library, Marquette, panel/book signing with independent U.P. authors w/John Carr, Jerry Harju, Jane Piirto, Tyler Tichelaar, Lisa Cerasoli Weaver; host: Gretchen Preston

Jul 1 (Fr) noon-2pm, Ishpeming Carnegie Library, Ishpeming, reading/book signing w/Dan Ames, Marty Achatz, Matthew Gavin Frank, Beverly Matherne, Jane Piirto; host: Ron Riekki

Jul 1 (Fr) 4-6pm, Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore, Munising, innovative reading/panel/book signing w/Chad Faries, Jonathan Johnson, Ron Riekki, Russ Thorburn

Jul 2 (Sa) 1-2:30pm, Snowbound Books, Marquette, book signing w/Matthew Gavin Frank, Ron Riekki, Tyler Tichelaar

Jul 2 (Sa) 3-4:30pm, Country Village Bookstore, Ishpeming, book signing w/Marty Achatz, Dan Ames, Beverly Matherne, Jane Piirto

Jul 5 (Tu) 7-9pm, Peter White Public Library, Marquette, reading/panel/book signing w/Marty Achatz, Ryan Hopak, Caitlin Horrocks, Beverly Matherne, Adam Schuitema; host: Ron Riekki

Jul 7 (Th) 5-6pm, Country Village Bookstore, Ishpeming, book signing w/Caitlin Horrocks, Ron Riekki, Adam Schuitema

Jul 7 (Th) 7-9pm, Vista Theater, Negaunee, panel/book signing w/Ryan Hopak, Caitlin Horrocks, Ron Riekki, Adam Schuitema, Steven Wiig; host: Al Keefer

Jul 9 (Sa) 2-3:30pm, Island Bookstore, Mackinac Island, book signing w/Jeffrey Bean, Ron Riekki, Jeff Vande Zande

Jul 9 (Sa) 3:30-5pm, Island Bookstore, Mackinac Island, book signing w/Adam Schuitema

Jul 10 (Su) 2-3:30pm, Island Bookstore, Mackinac Island, book signing w/Matthew Gavin Frank, Cailtin Horrocks, Lew Klatt

Jul 10 (Su) 3:30-5pm, Island Bookstore, Mackinac Island, book signing w/David James, Arra Lynn Ross

Jul 12 (Tu) 11-1pm, Vista Theater, Negaunee, workshop w/Patrick McGinnity

Jul 12 (Tu) 1-3pm, Vista Theater, Negaunee, workshop w/Jennifer Burd and Saleem Peeradina

Jul 12 (Tu) 3-4:30pm, venue TBA, Negaunee, get-together (authors only)

Jul 12 (Tu) 5-7pm, Negaunee Public Library, Negaunee, reading/book signing w/Phillip Sterling, Jennifer Burd, Darrin Doyle, Patrick McGinnity, Saleem Peeradina, Eric Torgersen: host: Linda Nemec Foster

Jul 12 (Tu) 7:30-9:30pm, Lake Superior Theater, Marquette, comedy performance/panel w/Ron Riekki, Mike Wiley, Aaron Foster

Jul 13 (We) 11-noon, Aurora Bookstore, Menominee, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 13 (We) 1-3pm, Vista Theater, Negaunee, workshop w/Ron Riekki

Jul 13 (We) 4-6pm, Vista Theater, Negaunee, workshop w/Darrin Doyle

Jul 13 (We) 6:30-8:30pm, Calumet Library, Calumet, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 13 (We) 7-9pm, Peter White Public Library, Marquette, panel/book signing with lower Michigan authors w/Jennifer Burd, Darrin Doyle, Matthew Gavin Frank, Saleem Peeradina; host: Tyler Tichelaar

Jul 14 (Th) 11am-1pm, Vista Theater, Negaunee, workshop w/Phillip Sterling

Jul 14 (Th) noon-2pm, Grandpa's Barn, Copper Harbor, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 14 (Th) 1-3pm, Vista Theater, Negaunee, workshop w/Linda Nemec Foster

Jul 14 (Th) 2-4pm, Gwinn Clubhouse (165 N. Maple St.), Gwinn, panel/book signing w/Jerry Harju, Patrick McGinnity, Ron Riekki, Phillip Sterling, Tyler Tichelaar; host: Russell Magnaghi (sponsored by Forsyth Township Public Library)

Jul 14 (Th) 5-7pm, Snowbound Books, Marquette, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 14 (Th) 6-7:30pm, Tino's Bar & Pizza, Negaunee, author get-together for food before the 7:30pm Vista Theater event (all authors and the public invited)

Jul 14 (Th) 7:30-9:30pm, Vista Theater, Negaunee, panel/book signing w/Tom Bissell, Steve Hamilton, Catie Rosemurgy, John Smolens; host: Ron Riekki (books supplied by Snowbound Books)

Jul 15 (Fr) 1-2pm, Booktique, Manistique, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 15 (Fr) 2-4pm, St. Ignace Public Library, St. Ignace, innovative reading/book signing w/Jaswinder Bolina, Nancy Eimers, Jonathan Johnson, William Olsen; host: Ron Riekki

Jul 15 (Fr) 3-4pm, Anchor in Naubinway, Naubinway, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 15 (Fr) 7-9pm, Bayliss Public Library, Sault Ste Marie, panel/book signing w/Nancy Eimers, Jonathan Johnson, William Olsen, Ron Riekki, Keith Taylor, hosted by Steve Hamilton (books supplied by Safe Harbor Books)

Jul 16 (Sa) 1-2:30pm, Snowbound Books, Marquette, book signing w/Lauri Anderson, Zilka Joseph, Lisa Cerasoli Weaver

Jul 16 (Sa) 1-3pm, Island Bookstore, Mackinac Island, book signing, w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 16 (Sa) 3-4pm, Country Village Bookstore, Ishpeming, book signing w/Linda Nemec Foster, Zilka Joseph, Phillip Sterling, Lisa Cerasoli Weaver concurrently w/(see next post below)

Jul 16 (Sa) 3-5pm, Country Village Bookstore, Ishpeming, book signing w/Matthew Gavin Frank, Gretchen Preston, Keith Taylor concurrently w/(see previous post above)

Jul 16 (Sa) 5-6:30pm, Richmond Township Library, Palmer, panel/book signing, w/Linda Nemec Foster, Zilka Joseph, Ron Riekki, Phillip Sterling

Jul 16 (Sa) 8-10pm, Escanaba Public Library, Escanaba, panel/book signing w/Deb Baker, Tom Bissell, Caroline Maun, Catie Rosemurgy, Keith Taylor; host: Nanci Love (books supplied by Aurora Bookstore)

Jul 17 (Su) noon-12:30pm, Anchor in Naubinway, Naubinway, reading w/Jaswinder Bolina, Ron Riekki, followed by 12:30-1pm, book signing w/Jaswinder Bolina, Ron Riekki

Jul 17 (Su) 3-5pm, Whitefish Township Community Library, Paradise, panel/book signing w/Jaswinder Bolina, Ron Riekki; host: Steve Hamilton (books supplied by Safe Harbor Books)

Jul 17 (Su) 7-9pm, Brimley Area Schools, Brimley, panel w/Jaswinder Bolina, Steve Hamilton, Ron Riekki

Jul 18 (Mo) noon-1pm, Safe Harbor Books, Cedarville, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 18 (Mo) 2-4pm, Up North Books, Sault Ste Marie, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 18 (Mo) 5-7pm, Book World, Sault Ste Marie, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 21 (Th) afternoon, Museum Week, Beaver Island, book signing w/Steve Hamilton

Jul 22 (Fr) 1:30pm, Lighthouse Christian Bookstore, Marquette, reading w/Cynthia Beach, Beverly Matherne, and members of The Guild

Jul 22 (Fr) 7-9pm, Butler Theater, Ishpeming, reading w/Lisa Fay Coutley, Matthew Gavin Frank, Beverly Matherne, Ron Riekki

Jul 23 (Sa) noon-1:30pm, Portage Lake District Library, Houghton, panel/book signing w/Marty Achatz, Lauri Anderson, Matthew Gavin Frank, Beverly Matherne, Ron Riekki; host: Jack Jobst

Jul 23 (Sa) 2-4pm, North Wind Books, Hancock, reading/book signing w/Marty Achatz, Lauri Anderson, Lisa Coutley, Matthew Gavin Frank, Beverly Matherne, Ron Riekki

Jul 23 (Sa) 6-8pm, L'Anse United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, L'Anse, panel w/Marty Achatz, Lisa Coutley, Matthew Gavin Frank, Beverly Matherne, Ron Riekki

Nov, Savannah State University, with Alexis Orgera

RADIO INTERVIEWS/APPEARANCES/EVENTS FOR "U.P." BOOK TOUR 2010 w/headliner Steven Wiig: (partial list)

Jan. 14 (Thurs.) on Writers in the Sky with Amanda McCurley at 10am PST (recording)

Jan. 22 Writers in the Sky interview,

Feb. interviewed in Emprise Review,

Mar to Jun--tour haitus after 1 1/2 years and 67+ weeks on Ghost Road's top ten list

Jul 19 (Mon)--reading at the National University of Singapore, Singapore

July--review in the Marquette Monthly at

Aug--poetry judge for the Royal Palm Literary Awards, Florida Writers Association

Aug 2 (Mon)--tour resumes with Scribblers & Scribes at 4023 Sun 'N Lake Blvd, Sebring, FL, 7-9 p.m.

Aug. 2 (Mon)--interview with WFHT's 1390AM for Community Connections with Liz and Lin, Beef O'Brady's, 2940 US 27 North, Sebring,FL, 9:30pm

Aug 4 (Wed)--Orlando Florida Writers Group, 841 Park Ave. N., University Club of Winter Park, Winter Park, FL, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Aug 7 (Sat)--interview airs for WFHT on at 2 p.m., Sebring, FL

Aug 12 (Thurs)--St. Petersburg Writers, 37th St. N. & 9th Ave., St. Petersburg Main Library, St. Petersburg, FL, 5:30-8 p.m.

Aug 19 (Thurs)--Oxford Writers, Oxford Community Building/Center, 4027 Main St., Oxford, FL, 6-8 p.m.

Aug 24 (Tues) WGLQ interview with TJ and the Wake-up Crew, Escanaba, MI, 9:45am EST

Aug 24 (Tues) Out There podcast interview with TJ of WGLQ

Aug 28 (Sat)--Palm Coast FWA, Palm Coast, FL, 10am

Aug 29 (Sun)--WKUF interview with Steven Wiig, Flint, MI, 3pm EST

Aug 30 (Mon)--WIKB interview on The Mo Show with Mo Michael, Iron River, MI, 8:30am CST

Sep 2 (Thurs)--opening night of Riekki's play All Saints' Day at Ruckus Theatre in Chicago

Sep 3 (Fri)--Spencer's in the Square, 915 College St., Bowling Green, KY, reading with Tom C. Hunley, time TBA

Sep 5 (Sun)--San Francisco Chronicle article on U.P.

Sep 7 (Tues)--WNMU NPR interview with Stan Wright, noon

Sep 7 (Tues)--Niagara Public Library, Niagara, WI, 7pm

Sep 9 (Thurs)--CMU TV interview (tentative), 8:50am

Sep 9 (Thurs)--Central Michigan University, Kiva Room, Moore Hall, Mt. Pleasant, MI, 4pm EST

Sep 10 (Fri)--Manistee Library with Dan Wrzesinski, 11am EST

Sep 10 (Fri)--The Bookstore in Manistee, MI, 3pm with Dan Wrzesinski (who is turning all of the poems to music from my Gypsy Daughter Press chapbook Leave Me Alone I'm Bleeding)

Sep 11 (Sat)--Snowbound Books, 118 North Third Street, Marquette, MI, 1-3pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 11 (Sat)--Aurora Books, Menominee, MI, 6:30pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 12 (Sun)--location scouting for film version of U.P.

Sep 12 (Sun)--Vista Theater, Negaunee, MI, 7pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 13 (Mon)--WGLQ interview with TJ, Escanaba, MI, with Steven Wiig, 9am EST time frame

Sep 13 (Mon)--WIKB interview with Mo, Iron River, MI, 8:30am CST

Sep 13 (Mon)--Rock 101 interview, Sault Ste. Marie, 10:30am

Sep 13 (Mon)--West Iron District Library, Iron River, MI, 1:30pm CST, with Steven Wiig

Sep 13 (Mon)--Bay de Noc Community College, Besse Center Theater, Escanaba, MI, 7pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 14 (Tues)--North Wind Books, Finlandia University, Hancock, MI, 4-5pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 14 (Tues)--Portage Lake District Library, 58 Huron Street, Houghton, MI, 6:30pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 15 (Wed)--Negaunee High School, Negaunee, MI, 11:30am, with Steven Wiig

Sep 15 (Wed)--Country Village Bookshop, Ishpeming, MI, 1-3pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 15 (Wed)--Richmond Township Public Library auditorium, Palmer, MI, 5pm, with Steve Wiig

Sep 15 (Wed)--Peter White Public Library, Community Room, Marquette, MI, 7pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 16 (Thurs)--Safe Harbor Books, Cedarville, MI, 2pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 16 (Thurs)--Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore, Munising, MI, at 7pm, with Steven Wiig

Sep 19 (Sun)--at All Saints' Day at Ruckus Theater in Chicago

Sep 26 (Sun)--closing night of All Saints' Day at Ruckus Theatre in Chicago

Sep--several Sep interviews aren't listed as too many happened in such a short span of time--WLUC TV, ABC 10, Mining Journal, and a long list of others. Thank you for the interviews.

That's the end of the book tour (Sep '08 - Sep '10, two years). Thank you so much for supporting the novel. The 2011 edition of U.P. is out with a new book cover at Again, thank you so much for the support and look for my poetry chapbook Leave Me Alone I'm Bleeding at

Jan. 26 (Mon.) on KMSU in Mankato, MN, with host Rachael Hanel on The Weekly Reader

Jan. 28 (Wed.) on KXUA (cancelled due to weather in AR)
Feb. 5 (Thurs.) on KMSU in Mankato, MN, with host Rachael Hanel on The Weekly Reader (10:30 a.m.)

Feb. 6 (Fri.), Troy University with Chantel Acevedo and Peter Campion, hosted by Kirk Curnutt

Feb. 8 (Sun.), on Metal Express Radio in Oslo, Norway, with Lior "Steinmetal" Stein

Feb. 13 (Fri.) reading at York College in York, PA

Feb. 19 (Thurs.) on KUPS in Tacoma, WA, with Daniel Long

Feb. 20 (Fri.) on KUPS in Tacoma, WA, with Caitlin Boersma on The Guest Hour

Feb. 21 (Sat.) on KUPS in Tacoma, WA, with Daniel Long at 1 a.m. EST (don't believe this aired)

Feb. 21 (Sat.) on KUPS in Tacoma, WA, with Caitlin Boersma on The Guest Hour (4 p.m.)

Feb. 22 (Sun.) on KZSC in Santa Cruz, CA, with D. Frost

Feb. 25 (Wed.) on WCRD in Muncie, IN, with Jake Lentz

Feb. 26 (Thurs.) on WAIH in Potsdam, NY, with DJ Mox and Adam Wells (my first one-and-a-half hour long live interview!)

--and on this date, U.P. enters the Ghost Road Press bestseller list as the #1 fiction seller for Ghost Road, thanks to the support I've been getting from college radio and the metal community

Mar. 3 (Tues.) on WHRW in Binghamton, NY, with Mad Man Mark at 3 a.m. EST

Mar. 3 (Tues.) interviewed by the Brandeis Justice by Daniel Baron

Mar. 5 (Thurs.) on WJMF in Smithfield, RI, with DJ JC and Tom Morow at 10:30 a.m. EST

Mar. 6 (Fri.), 4 p.m. WEGL interview and 5 p.m. panel to discuss solving the issues of racism in the Auburn community, Multicultural Center, Auburn, AL

Mar. 7 (Sat.) essay reading in Auburn, AL, as part of A.U. Race, Rhetoric, Identity panel

Mar 7 (Sat.) on KLBC in Long Beach, CA, with Niya at 2 p.m. PST

Mar. 10 (Tues.) on WKUF in Flint, MI, with host Tom Sumner at 8 a.m. EST

Mar. 11 (Wed.) Judged the A.U. Academy of American Poets University Poetry Prize

Mar. 11 (Wed.) organized WEGL reading of Chantel Acevedo and Peter Campion's works in Auburn, AL

Mar. 11 (Wed.) on WRMC in Middlebury, VT, with David Small at 7:30 p.m. EST

Mar. 12 (Thurs.) reading of U.P. sections by actor Chris Qualls on WEGL in Auburn, AL, at 5 p.m. EST

Mar. 13 (Fri.) Writing Today Conference Authors' and Patrons' Party (cancelled)

Mar. 14 (Sat.) Writing Today Conference in Birmingham, AL, presentation on "The Creative Writing Career: from the Initiation of the Idea to the Multi-Book Deal" (cancelled)

Mar. 14 (Sat.) on WJMF in Smithfield, RI, with Phil Bock at 10:30 p.m. EST (rescheduled)

Mar. 20 (Fri.) Virginia Festival of the Book Fiction Reading with Tara Yellen, John Bullock, and Karen S. McElmurray in Charlottesville, VA

Mar. 21 (Sat.) Virginia Festival of the Book Author Reception in Charlottesville, VA

Mar. 26 (Thurs.) on WVBU's The Hammer in Lewisburg, PA, at 5:30 p.m. EST

Mar. 26--U.P. has been Ghost Road Press's bestseller in fiction for one month now

Apr. 410 Media in IL gives a very kind review of U.P.

Apr. 3 (Fri.) host Peter Campion reading at Gnu's Room Bookstore in Auburn, AL

Apr. 11 (Sat.), host reading Beth White, Peter Donahue, and Laura Hayden at Gnu's Room Bookstore in Auburn, AL

Apr. 16 (Thurs.) judged the New Jersey Poetry Prize for the National Federation of State Poetry Society

Apr. 17 (Fri.) guest blogger for the web site Yooper Steez

Apr. 17 (Fri.) Alabama Book Festival Author Reception in Montgomery, AL

Apr. 18 (Sat.) Alabama Book Festival guest author reading with Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder/Alabama Shakespeare Festival

Apr. 20 (Mon.) posting by Sally on on metal/hip-hop

Apr. 24 (Fri.) on KJHK in Lawrence, KS, with host Peter Adany on Bounce

Apr. 25 (Sat.) reading at Opelika Library with Peter Campion (cancelled)

Apr. 25 (Sat.) guest workshop at the Gnu's Room Bookstore

Apr. 25 (Sat.) posting by Ian on Disabled World: A Disability & Seniors Information Community on having a main character in U.P. with cerebral palsy

Apr. 26--U.P. has been Ghost Road Press's bestseller in fiction for 2 months now

Apr. 27 (Mon.) on WGTB in Washington D.C. with host Jim McGrory

May--reviewed in Meridian by Kevin Allardice

May 1 (Fri.) on ACRN's Oh Snat! It's an Interview Show! in Athens, OH, with DJ Sills at 6 p.m. EST

May 26 (Tues.)--U.P. has been Ghost Road Press's bestseller in fiction for 3 months

May 29 (Fri.) reviewed by Edward Reynolds in Alabama Writers' Forum

May 30 (Sat.) walked the red carpet for The 2009 Hero Awards at Universal Studios

May 31 (Sun.) wrote two guest articles for Campaign for the American Reader

Jun 5 (Fri.) in Marshal Zeringue's Writers Read

Jun 11 (Thurs.) on WKUF's Off the Kuf with Tom Sumner in Flint, MI, at 7am EST

Jun 18 (Thurs.) in Marshal Zeringue's My Book, The Movie

Jun 26 (Fri.) --U.P. has been Ghost Road Press's bestseller in fiction for 4 months

July 13 (Mon.) Burbank KYHY radio interview with Jus Rhyme and Famillia from AT&T Building in L.A.

July 14 (Tues.) KYHY radio interview airs at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

July 16 (Thurs.) wrote article for Author Magazine, to be published in Oct/Nov

July 17 (Fri.) interviewed for writer Eileen Cook's web page

July 17 (Fri.) wrote article for the Experimental Fiction/Poetry/Jazz web page--

July 23 (Thurs.) at Atwater Public Library in Los Angeles, CA, with Jeb Middlebrook (Jus Rhyme) from VH1's The (White) Rapper Show and Famillia (

July 24 (Fri.) on Eileen Cook's web page (

July 26 (Sun.)--U.P. has been Ghost Road Press's bestseller in fiction for 5 months

July 28 (Tues.) on KZSC in Santa Cruz, CA, with Stephanie Vassehuil

Aug. 1 (Sat.) anthology Sacred and Immoral featured on

Aug. 1 (Sat.) interviewed for Just Your Typical Book Blog at

Aug. 6 (Thurs.) interviewed for Just Your Typical Book Blog's "Rock This! Thursday"

Aug. 8 (Sat.) at Russo's Books in Bakersfield, CA, at 1 p.m., with rapper Matre

Aug. 11 (Tues.) interviewed for The Book Girl Reviews at

Aug. 13 (Thurs.) featured on Perpetual Folly at

Aug. 14 (Fri.) guest blog for Perpetual Folly at

Aug. 23 (Sun.) interviewed with John Bullock on Experimental Fiction blog at

Aug. 24 (Mon.) included on

Aug. 25 (Tues.) on KZSC in Santa Cruz, CA, with host Stephanie Vossekuil

Aug. 29 (Sat.) interviewed with Insert Book Title Here at

Sep. 15 (Tues.) two teasers up on Canadian blog Handle Like Hendrix at

Sep 17 (Thurs.) 30 weeks of U.P. as #1 novel for Ghost Road Press

Sep 26 (Sat.) guest blog on Trisha's Book Blog,

Sep 28 (Mon.) finalized book contracts for novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Boogey Man to be released on Ghost Road Press in sping 2010 and novel Hunger and the Ass in fall 2010

Oct 6 (Tues.) interviewed with La Femme Readers in New York

Oct 8 (Thurs.) interviews with Sarah Peppel for Genesis Moments and Story of My Life

Oct 8 (Thurs.) on The Midnight Bookworm in CA with hosts Vin Smith and Bruce Merrin at 8 p.m. PST

Oct 9 (Fri.) interviewed with The Rashomon Effect in Amsterdam

Oct. 19 (Mon.) interviewed by Ella Press in Argentina for The Clock Monkey at

Oct 20 (Tues.) WDBM interview in Lansing, MI, with Emily Fox at 7:40 p.m. PST

Oct 21 (Wed.) WCBN interview for Michigan Writers on the Air in Ann Arbor, MI, with T. Hetzel at 4:30 p.m. EST

Oct. 21 (Wed.) interview on Coffee, Books, and Laundry in Texas at

Oct. 22 (Thurs.) 35th week of U.P. as #1 for fiction for Ghost Road Press

Oct. 24 (Sat.) interviewed for Literary Escapism

Oct. 28 (Wed.) interviewed by Handle Like Hendrix in Canada

Oct. 29 (Thurs.) review of U.P. on Handle Like Hendrix in Canada

Oct. review of U.P. by Melinda Moustakis in Third Coast

Nov. 4 (Wed.) interviewed on Stevie Mack's Night Radio at 6 p.m. live in California

Nov. 5 (Thurs.) interview with Julia Buckley for Mysterious Musings in IL at

Nov. 5 (Thurs.) interviewed on KSLU's loud rock show in Missouri at 8:30 p.m. CST

Nov. 6 (Fri.) review of U.P. in An Upper Peninsula Journal at

Nov. 18 (Wed.) guest article in Author Magazine at

Nov. 22 (Sun.) interview with Mike Holmes' internet podcast

Nov. 22 (Sun.) interview with Yvonne Osborne of The Organic Writer at

Nov. 23 (Mon.) interview with Cliff Garstang in Staunton, VA, for Perpetual Folly at

Nove 24 (Tues.) interview posted for Literary Escapism

Dec. 28 (Mon.) on blog Presenting Lenore's "My Best Books of 2009" comment section, U.P. is listed as best book of 2009

Sep. 10 (Wed.) on WMUC in College Park, MD, with host Christian Baer
Sep. 14 (Sun.) on WRAS in Atlanta, GA, with host Amanda Murray
Sep. 16 (Tue.) on WEGL in Auburn, AL, with host Russell Knight
Sep. 22 (Mon.) on KLBC in Long Beach, CA, with hosts J.R. Reed and Niya
Oct. 8 (Wed.) appearance on Pushing Daisies on ABC
Oct. 14 (Tue.) on WIMK/WUPK in Iron Mountain, MI, with host Steve Ponchaud
Oct. 16 (Thurs.) hosted reading with Rafael Alvarez, writer for HBO's The Wire, at Gnu's Room Bookstore in Auburn, AL
Oct. 21 (Tues.) appearance on Eli Stone on ABC
Oct. 27 (Mon.) on WAIH in Potsdam, NY, with host Adam Wells
Nov. 14 (Fri.) on KLBC in Long Beach, CA, with hosts Niya and J.R. Reed
Nov. 15 (Sat.) on WEGL in Auburn, AL, with host Tasnia Matin and Kurt Curnutt, Shanti Weiland, Jordan Sanderson, and Casey Spell
Nov. 15 (Sat.) reading with Kurt Curnutt, Shanti Weiland, and Casey Spell at Gnu's Room Bookstore in Auburn, AL
Nov. 26 (Wed.) on KFJC in Los Altos Hills, CA, with host Ann Arbor
Dec. 1 (Mon.) on WRAS in Atlanta, GA, with host Amanda Murray
Dec. 2 (Tues.) with Peter Campion for Central Alabama Writers' Group in Prattville, AL
Dec. 11 (Thurs.) on WKUF in Flint, MI, with host Tom Sumner
Dec. 17 (Wed.) on WFNP in New Platz, NY, with host DJ Scully
Dec. 18 (Thurs.) on WFNP in New Platz, NY, with host DJ Scully


Posted by R.A. Riekki on January 4, 2009 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (6)

Here's my top 500+ artists/CDs/songs in no order. Thank God for music! Caps are if I like everything the artist has done or everything on a CD or if I'm in love with a song). I put in bold my top 20. And an asterisk if it helps put me in a positive mood.
1) RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (especially "EVIL EMPIRE")--my most influential band by far
2) Pantera (VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER, especially "Mouth for War")

4) Monica Freire ("Les eaux de Mars")
5) At the Drive-in ("One Armed Scissor")
6) Loco Locass ("LA CENSURE POUR L'ECHAFAUD," "Mes enfants," "Malamalangue," and "Sheila, ch'us la")
7) EISLEY (especially ROOM NOISES)
8) +/- ("Steal the Blueprints")
10) Danger Mouse ("99 Problems")
11) Arab Strap (MAD FOR SADNESS)
12) K-os ("Superstarr, Part One") *
13) Tilly and the Wall ("The Freest Man") *
16) Naughty By Nature ("GHETTO BASTARD")
17) Jimmy Eat World ("The Middle") *
18) Andrew Bird ("Plasticities") *

20) New Order ("Regret")
22) Ted Leo (any cover he does)
23) Julie Zenatti
24) Sinik
25) Lou Reed
26) Tegan and Sara ("Back in Your Head"!)
27) Menomena ("Weird")
28) U2 ("One") (Bono's speeches *)
29) Nanci Griffith (LITTLE LOVE AFFAIRS)
30) A Tribe Called Quest
31) Hector Berlioz ("Symphonie fantastique")
32) Zero 7
33) Tracy Chapman
34) Corinne Bailey Rae ("Put Your Records On") *
35) Broadcast
36) Patricia Kaas
37) Emily Haines
38) New Pornographers
39) Daniel Johnston
40) Dead Milkmen (early stuff) *
41) Stars ("The Big Fight" and "Your Ex-Lover is Dead")
42) Lyle Lovett (PONTIAC and the Beach Boys tribute *)
43) Via Audio ("Presents") *
44) Jenny Lewis
45) LCD Soundsystem
46) Kate Nash ("Pumpkin Soup")
48) SIA
49) Sufjan Stevens ("Chicago")
50) Ben Gibbard
51) PLACEBO (especially "Black Eyed" and "Running Up that Hill")
52) American Analog Set
53) Joanna Newsom
54) Coldplay

55) Jens Lekman
57) They Might Be Giants (some song about an airport)
58) Katy Perry ("I Kissed a Girl")
59) Waysted
60) early Tom Waits
61) Cassettes Won't Listen ("Freeze and Explode")
62) Young Galaxy
63) Jem ("They")
64) Steven J. Bernstein ("No No Man")
65) early acoustic Dan Bern
67) Dan Seals (RAGE ON)
68) Kings of Convenience ("Misread") *
69) Choir of Young Believers
70) Nick Cave (any slow song)
71) Saul Williams ("List of Demands")
73) Blue King Brown ("Water")
74) Ryan Adams ("Sylvia Plath")
76) Patrick Cleandenim
77) Alex Parks
78) Robyn ("Dream On") *
79) Alexi Murdoch *
80) PlayRadioPlay!
81) The Pipettes
82) Postal Service
83) Adam Green
84) Robbie Robertson (ROBBIE ROBERTSON)
85) Billie Holiday ("Strange Fruit")
86) Robbie Williams ("Millennium")
87) Counting Crows ("Mr. Jones") *
88) Pussy Cat Dolls ("When I Grow Up")
89) Yeah Yeah Yeahs ("Maps" and "Cheated Heart")
90) Sebadoh ("Ocean")

91) Gap Band
92) Ralph Stanley ("O Death")
93) Sharkula ("Army HoDown")
94) Slow News Day (the ishkabibble releases)
95) Au Revoire Simone ("Sad Song" and "A Violent Yet Flammable World")
96) Adam Ant ("Wonderful")
98) XTC ("Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead") *
99) The Polyphonic Spree ("Light & Day")
100) Enon ("Knock That Door" and "Daughter in the House of Fools")
101) The Blow ("True Affection" and the Rory Phillips remix
of "Parentheses")
102) Kerli ("WALKING ON AIR")
103) Bjork ("Isobel")
104) Kira Lynn Cain ("White as a Dove")
105) Afghan Whigs ("Debonair")
106) M.I.A. ("Paper Planes")
108) Isobel Campbell
109) Iron and Wine
110) Lara Fabian ("Je T'aime")
111) Dokken (UNDER LOCK AND KEY)
112) Everything But the Girl (IDLEWILD)
113) Queensryche (OPERATION: MINDCRIME)
114) Neko Case (not her solo recorded stuff, but live she's
115) Bird and the Bee ("Again and Again")
116) Holy Fuck ("Lovely Allen")
117) Sigue Sigue Sputnik (DRESS FOR EXCESS)
118) Los Campesinos! ("DEATH TO LOS CAMPESINOS!" and "MY YEAR IN LISTS")
119) Kings of Leon ("Sex on Fire")
120) The Mountain Goats
121) David Gray

122) Reggie Watts

123) Frou Frou ("Breathe In")

124) El-P ("Deep Space 9mm")

125) Beastie Boys (LICENSE TO ILL, "So What'cha Want," "Sabotage," and "I'M DOWN")

126) Lovage

127) Sneaker Pimps

128) All of the intros to "Weeds"

129) Statler Brothers ("Flowers on the Wall")

130) The Airborne Toxic Event ("Sometime Around Midnight")

131) George Baker Selection ("Little Green Bag")

132) Buck Owens ("Act Naturally" and "Streets of Bakersfield")

133) Jeff Buckley (GRACELAND)


135) Tairrie B ("Murder She Wrote")

136) The Hives ("Walk Idiot Walk")

137) Blonde Redhead

138) Marie Digby (love when she plays piano, but not guitar)
139) Pony Up! ("The Truth about Cats and Dogs" and "Shut Up and Kiss Me") *

140) Bright Eyes ("First Day of My Life," "Easy/Lucky/Free," and "When the President

Talks to God")

141) Third Bass ("Wordz of Wisdom," "Triple Stage Darkness," and "Brooklyn Queens")

142) Squirrel Nut Zippers ("Hell")

143) The Howlies ("Aluminum Baseball Bat")

144) Soko ("I'll Kill Her")

145) Meiko ("Boys with Girlfriends")

146) Nine Inch Nails ("Hurt" and "March of the Pigs")

147) INTO THE WILD soundtrack *

148) LEAVING LAS VEGAS soundtrack (except last song)


150) The Format ("Snails")

151) Spoon ("Small Stakes")

152) Miles Davis (SKETCHES OF SPAIN) *

153) Kool Savas & Optik Army ("Come Clean")

154) Brittany Spears ("Toxic")

155) The Game ("Hate It Or Love It")

156) Cypress Hill (CYPRESS HILL)

157) Eliza Doolittle ("Rollerblades")

158) Ke ("STRANGE WORLD") *

159) Keane

160) The Killers

161) Pearl Jam ("Corduroy") *

162) Rancid ("Salvation")

163) Del ("Mistadoblina")

164) Q-Tip ("Breathe and Stop," "Vivrant Thing," "ManWomanBoogie")

165) Pharcyde ("Drop")

166) DMX ("Party UP")

167) T.I. ("Rubber Band Man")

168) The Hold Steady ("The Swish")

169) Ice T ("Mind Over Matter")

170) ICP ("Hokus Pokus" and "Let's Go All the Way")

171) the drums on Slayer's ("Angel of Death")

172) Avril Lavigne ("I'm with You")

173) Sara Groves ("He's Always Been Faithful" and "What Do I Know")

174) Tracy Bonham ("Mother Mother")

175) Ariane Moffatt ("Montreal)"

176) DJ Zack Daniels and Sinister Kane with John Greasy ("Sunshowers")

177) The Ting Tings ("That's Not My Name")

178) Sonic Youth ("I Wanna Be Your Dog," "Bull in the Heather" *, "Incinerate," and "Rapture")

179) Brooks & Dunn ("Red Dirt Road")

180) Sarah McLaughlin ("Adia") *

181) early Modest Mouse

182) Phantom Planet ("California")

183) Beck ("SUNDAY SUN") *

184) Toby Keith ("Should've Been a Cowboy")

185) Bob Dylan

186) The Beatles ("Ballad of John and Yoko," "The Long and Winding Road," and "Paperback Writer")

187) Johnny Cash ("Folsom Prison Blues")

188) VINCENT GALLO/BUFFALO '66 soundtrack


190) Common Market ("Connect For")

191) Queens of the Stone Age ("No One Knows")

192) Nas ("One Mic" and "Hip Hop is Dead")

193) Dead Prez ("Hell Yeah")



196) Fastway (the Trick or Treat soundtrack, especially "After Midnight")

197) Black Sabbath ("Eternal Idol")

198) Tesla ("Changes" and "Little Suzie")

199) David Lee Roth ("Yankee Rose," "That's Life," and "Just Like Paradise")

200) Demented Soul ("Tic Tac Orange: A Minstrel")

201) Eskobar with Heather Nova

202) Ian Brown

203) Gomez

204) Jamiroquai ("Vritual Insanity")

205) Fettes Brot ("Da draussen")

206) Faithless

207) Spiritualized

208) 10,000 Maniacs ("Hey Jack" * and "Candy [Everybody Wants])

209) Neil Young ("Harvest Moon")

210) NEW YORK SCUM ROCK LIVE AT CBGB (especially Bloodsuckers from Outer Space, Da Willys, Hammerbrain, Deans of Discipline, . . . oh, the whole thing really) *

211) The White Stripes

212) System of a Down ("Prison Song")

213) Metallica ("Wherever I May Roam," "Jump in the Fire," and "Last Caress/Green Hell")

214) Grateful Dead ("Touch of Grey")


216) TOM GREEN (his TV show) *

217) Oasis

218) Sepultura (live)

219) Cinderella ("Somebody Save Me")

220) Living Colour ("Cult of Personality")

221) Motorhead ("Ace of Spades")

222) Journey ("Don't Stop Believing") *

223) Nirvana ("Territorial Pissings") *

224) Ballerina Black ("Microphones in the Mattress")

225) Mos Def ("Quiet Dog")

226) ALI G *

227) Cheech & Chong ("Basketball Jones")

228) Harry Connick Jr. ("Recipe for Love" and "We Are in Love")


230) D-Nice ("They Call Me D-Nice")

231) Crash Test Dummies ("MMM MMM MMM MMM") *

232) Cracker ("Teen Angst")

233) Depeche Mode ("Enjoy the Silence") *

234) Garbage ("I'm Only Happy When It Rains")

235) Harvey Danger ("Flagpole Sitta")

236) Porno for Pyros ("Pets")

237) Lenny Kravitz ("It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over")

238) K's Choice ("NOT AN ADDICT") *


240) Soul Asylum

241) Bruce Springsteen ("Streets of Philadelphia" and "Secret Garden")

242) Aimee Mann *

243) The Verve Pipe ("The Freshmen")

244) The Wallflowers ("One Headlight")

245) Limp Bizkit ("Faith")

246) Black Moon ("I Got Cha Open")

247) Def Jef ("Black to the Future")

248) Dead Kennedys (Bedtime for Democracy)

249) S.O.D. (any song by them that's under a minute, esp. from Speak English or Die)

250) Underworld ("Born Slippy")

251) Stacy Earl ("Why Do You Try to Hurt Me?")

252) Boz Scaggs ("Heart of Mine")

253) The Veils ("LAVINIA")

254) Toktok vs. Soffie O. ("Day of Mine") *

255) Flaming Lips ("Do You Realize??)

256) CAT POWER ("Lived in Bars," "CROSS BONES STYLE," "Maybe Not," "Werewolf," and more)

257) Black Sheep ("The Choice is Yours")

258) Sex Pistols

259) Mazzy Star

260) Karol Szymanowski (Symphony 3, "Song of the Night")


262) Donots ("Stop the Clocks")

263) John Barnes Chance (Incantation and Dance)

264) Texta featuring Attwenger [("So schno kaust gor net) schaun"] *

265) Blood Red Shoes ("IT'S GETTING BORING BY THE SEA" and "I Wish I Was Someone Better")

266) Kinderzimmer Productions ("Irgendwo zwischen") *

267) Unique II ("Break My Stride")

268) JD Soundworx ("Kin Hate That Bitch")

269) A Whisper in the Noise

270) Elbow ("One Day Like This") *
271) Mercury Rev

272) Nelly Furtado ("Say It Right")

273) Orbital ("The Box")

274) The Vines

275) Air *

276) The Doves

277) Michael Franti and Spearhead ("Say Hey")

278) Len ("Steal My Sunshine")

279) Koop

280) Kery James ("Banlieusards") *

281) Gotan Project

282) Waking Life soundtrack

283) hellogoodbye

284) Poison ("FALLEN ANGEL" and "Ride the Wind")

285) One Day as a Lion ("WILD INTERNATIONAL") *


287) Little Boots ("MEDDLE")

288) Stacy Kent

289) Dancer in the Dark soundtrack

290) Drugstore ("EL PRESIDENT")

291) Soul Attorneys ("These are the Days") *

292) Junior Boys ("In the Morning")

293) Andree Watters *

295) Fountains of Wayne ("Radiation Vibe") *

296) Duchess Says ("CCUT UP")

297) Matre ("Miracle Business" and "The Last Shall Be First")

298) 5th Projekt

299) Rocket to the Moon ("Not a Second to Waste")

300) Ace Enders (acoustic of "Over This")

301) Belle & Sebastian ("The Boy with the Arab Strap" and "Funny Little Frog" *)

302) Adele ("Chasing Pavements")

303) Brett Dennen

304) Ane Brun

305) Automatic Loveletter ("HUSH")

306) Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (performance on French TV) *

307) Bow Wow Wow ("Do You Wanna Hold Me?") *

308) Bran Van 3000 ("Drinking in L.A.")

309) Christa Couture

310) Chromeo ("Needy Girl")

311) POS ("Drumroll")

312) Devil Doll

313) Emma-Lee

314) Emmy the Great

315) K'Naan ("America")

316) Amy Lee "(SALLY'S SONG")

317) She's Having a Baby soundtrack

318) Lily Allen ("Fear")

319) Alastair Moock (WALKING SOUNDS)

320) Al Green ("Simply Beautiful")

321) Battles ("Atlas")

322) Rolling Stones ("Cocksuckers Blues," 1969 version)

323) The Sundays ("Here's Where the Story Ends")

324) The Streets

325) The Field

326) Leonard Cohen

327) just about any movie soundtrack if I'm in the mood

328) Alison Kraus

329) Back to the Future soundtrack

330) Randy Newman (Faust)

331) Buddhist Rent-A-Sluts


333) Oh No Ono ("Swim")

334) Scritti Politti ("Perfect Way")

335) Thompson Twins ("Hold Me Now")

336) The xx *

337) Vijay Iyer Trio

338) Manic Street Preachers

339) Maxwell ("This Woman's Work")

340) Passion Pit ("Sleepyhead")

341) Tevin Campbell ("I'm Ready")

342) Rick Astley ("Never Gonna Give You Up")

343) Shanice ("I Love Your Smile")

344) Nataly Dawn (any cover she does)

345) Calogero

346) just about any French music if I'm in the mood

347) The Band ("Up on Cripple Creek")

348) Kiana Takaki ("So Slender")

349) Jerry Hannan ("Society")

350) Beady Eye

351) Eric Lewis

352) Olafur Arnalds

353) any TED Talks musician *

354) Evelyn Glennie

355) Beach House

356) Danny Kaye (anything from Hans Christian Andersen)

357) Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain

358) any Gregorian chant

359) J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor

360) REPORTER (especially "Click Shaw")

361) Nedry (especially "Scattered")

362) Kitty Tooth Salad/Dan Wrzesinski

363) Band de garage

364) The Martichora ("Quills")

365) Chicago Underground Duo

366) Tallest Man on Earth ("The Gardener" and "I Won't Be Found")

367) Active Child

368) Perfume Genius ("Mr. Peterson" live)

369) The Hours soundtrack

370) MNDR ("I Go Away")

371) Bonnie Prince Billy (if I'm in the mood for his music)

372) Yu(c)k ("Automatic")

373) The Thermals

374) Megadeth ("I Ain't Superstitious" and "These Boots")

375) Simon and Garfunkel ("America," "The Boxer," & "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright")

376) Christine O'Donnell ("I'm Not a Witch" remix)

377) Kid Rock ("Bawitdaba")

378) Edward Scissorhands soundtrack

379) Wagner (Parsifal)

380) Guns 'N Roses ("Patience")

381) Ingrid Michaelson ("The Way I Am")

382) Spacehog ("In the Meantime")

383) Relient K ("Who I Am Hates Who I've Been")

384) Alice in Chains ("No Excuses")

385) Bob Seger ("Shakedown")

386) Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack

387) Keren Ann

388) The Drums ("Best Friend")

389) Gozza

390) Pogo ["Alice (Disney Remix)"]

391) Martin Sexton

392) Bloc Party ("Helicopter")

393) Cee-Lo ("Fuck You")

394) Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Give It Away")

395) Bon Iver

396) Jay-Z ("99 Problems")

397) Arctic Monkeys ("Brainstorm")

398) St. Vincent ("Actor out of Work")

399) Regina Spektor ("No Surprises")

400) Ellie Goulding ("Your Song")

401) any James Bond theme (especially Goldfinger)

402) The Carpenters

403) Wilco ("Heavy Metal Drummer" and "Jesus, Etc.")

404) Asher Roth ("Lark on my Go Kart")

405) Un Prophete soundtrack

406) Social Network soundtrack

407) Amy Winehouse ("Rehab")

408) Portishead

409) Pulp ("Common People" and "Disco 2000")

410) Goldfrapp ("Utopia")

411) Lykke Li ("Get Some")

412) Silversun Pickups ("Panic Switch")

413) Temper Trap ("Sweet Disposition")

414) Frank Sinatra

415) Ataris ("Boys of Summer")

416) Duffy ("Mercy")

417) Tenacious D

418) All Saints

419) tUnE-yArDs ("Gangsta")

420) The Books ("A Cold Freezin' Night")

421) Jamey Johnson ("Two Out of Three Ain't Bad)"

422) Phosphorescent ("Wolves")

423) St. Vincent

424) These New Puritans

425) P.S. I Love You

426) Cathy Davey ("Gloomy Sunday")

427) Local H

428) The Drums ("Best Friend")

429) Skream & Example

430) Zola Jesus ("Night")

431) The National

432) Adb Al Malik featuring Wallen ("Mon Amour")

433) A Camp

434) Mike Patton

435) Mount Eerie

436) Basia

437) Ida Maria

438) The O'Jays ("Love Train")

439) Frank Sinatra

440) Pokey LaFarge

441) Little Dragon

442) Gang of Four ("At Home He Feels Like a Tourist")

443) Amylie

444) Andrea Lindsay

445) Andrew W.K.

446) Colbie Caillat ("Brighter Than the Sun")

447) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

448) Robert Johnson

449) La Caution

450) Hocus Pocus featuring The Procussions

451) Audio Bullys ("We Don't Care")

452) Belly

453) Bet e and Stef

454) Danny Elfman

455) Blink-182 ("All the Small Things")

456) Bloc Party ("Helicopter" on Jools Holland)

457) Natural Born Killers soundtrack

458) Moon soundtrack

459) Matt and Kim

460) The Verve

461) Brigitte Boisjoli

462) Duffy ("Mercy")

463) Nouvelle vague

464) Atmosphere ("Trying to Find a Balance")

465) Chris Isaak ("San Francisco Days")

466) Natalie Imbruglia ("Torn")

467) Bon Iver

468) Dido

469) Duran Duran ("A View to a Kill")

470) just about any James Bond theme song

471) Electric Six

472) Eliza Doolittle ("Skinny Genes")

473) Emily Begin et Steve Marin

474) Fine Young Cannibals

475) The Pixies/Frank Black

476) G Love

477) The Cardigans

478) Genevieve Jodoin

479) Gin Blossoms ("Hey Jealousy")

480) Gin Wigmore

481) Ingrid Michaelson ("The Way I Am")

482) Goldfrapp ("Utopia")

483) Gossip ("Heavy Cross")

484) Grand Corps Malade

485) Groovy Aardvark ("Derangeant")

486) Gwen Stefani featuring Akon ("Sweet Escape")

487) Charlotte Sometimes ("How I Could Just Kill a Man")

488) Jerome Miniere

489) Joel Plaskett ("Through & Through & Through")

490) Jorane

491) Mara Tremblay

492) Marie-Annick Lepine ("Cette jolie photo d'elle")

493) Ko

494) Force MDs ("Love is a House")

495) kd lang ("Constant Craving")

496) Le Tigre

497) Lederhosen Lucil

498) Katy B ("Louder")

499) Purity Ring ("Lofticries")

500) The Band ("The Weight")


502) Like Elliott Did ("Home")

503) Keb Mo

504) LL Cool J ("I'm Bad")

505) Big K.R.I.T. ("Chidren of the World")

506) Lucky Uke

507) Marie-Mai ("C'est moi")

508) Ludo Pin

509) Lumidee ("Uh Oh Uh Oh")

510) M ("Pop Musik")

511) Buggles ("Video Killed the Radio Star")

512) Stagga Lee ["Roll Wit M.V.P. (We Be Like!)]

513) Martin Leon ("Le Phalene")

514) Maryse Letarte ("Ni le feu, ni le vent")

515) Shyne ("That's Gangsta")

516) The D.O.C. ("It's Funky Enough")

517) Master P ("Make 'Em Say Ugh")

518) Massive Attack ("Paradise Circus")

519) Nikka Costa ("Like a Feather")

520) Meaghan Smith ("Here Comes Your Man")

521) Meat Puppets ("Backwater")

522) Spacehog ("In the Meantime")

523) Mickey 3D ("Respire")

524) Milow ("Ayo Technology")

525) Missy Elliott ["The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"]

526) Misteur Valaire

527) Bad Religion ("American Jesus")

528) Sublime ("Summertime")

529) Mogwai

530) Professor Griff & the Last Asiatic Disciples ("Pawns in the Game")

531) Deans of Discipline ("Cute & Drunk")

532) Lunachicks ["Makin' It (With Other Species)"]

533) Waldos ("Golden Days")

534) Ed Gein's Car ("A Girl Just Like You")

535) Mylene Farmer ("California")

536) Natasha St.-Pier

537) Organized Rhyme ("Check the O.R.")

538) Patrick Stump ["Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)"]

539) Oxmo Puccino

540) Peter Peter avec Coeur de pirate


542) Bedouin Soundclash avec Coeur de pirate

543) Pink Martini ("Sympathique" et "Je ne veux pas travailler")

544) any "Gloomy Sunday" cover

545) Radio Radio

546) Raffy

547) Rupa & the April Fishes

548) Zazie

549) Buridane

550) Sagacite

551) Ratatat

552) Daphne

553) Robert Francis

554) RApyksopp

555) Richard Ashcroft

556) Random Recipe

557) Sarah Harmer

558) Sans Pression

559) Scarlett Johansonn ("Falling Down")

560) Blue Foundation

561) The Jezabels

562) James ("Laid")

563) Rilo Kiley ("The Frug")

564) The Asteroids Galaxy Tour ("The Golden Age")

565) George Harrison

566) Carly Rae Jepsen ("Call Me Maybe")

567) Melany Gardot

568) anything on Jools Holland

569) the Songwriters' Circle

570) Richard Thompson

571) the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

572) Pete Doherty

573) The Replacements

574) The Knife

575) Queen ("Don't Stop Me Now")

576) Heat Miser

577) Porgy and Bess

578) Smashing Pumpkins ("1979")




Posted by R.A. Riekki on January 3, 2009 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (0)


1) Rage Against the Machine

2) Radiohead

3) Loco Locass

4) Ben Folds

5) Arab Strap

6) Sinead O'Connor 

7) Fiona Apple

8) The Fast Computers

9) Elliott Smith

10) Lou Reed

11) Metric

12) Daniel Johnston

13) Lyle Lovett

14) LCD Soundsystem

15) Kate Nash

16) Sia

17) Placebo

18) Coldplay

19) My Summer as a Salvation Soldier

20) Nick Cave

21) Alexi Murdoch (when acoustic by himself)

22) Playradioplay!

23) Adam Green

24) Dokken

25) David Gray

26) Into the Wild soundtrack

27) Nellie McKay

28) Ian Brown

29) any New York scum rock

30) Oasis

31) Tindersticks

32) Garbage

33) Alanis Morisette

34) The Veils

35) Cat Power

36) Blood Red Shoes

37) The Mummers

38) Andree Watters

39) Lily Allen

40) Leonard Cohen

41) Coeur de pirate












1) Shearwater

2) American Analog Set

3) M83

4) Neil Young

5) Hector Berlioz

6) Radiohead

7) Scott Walker ("Jesse")

8) The Blow

9) Explosions in the Sky

10) Godspeed You Black Emperor

11) Mojave 3

12) Cowboy Junkies (Trinity Sessions)

13) Stars of the Lid

14) The Fast Computers

15) Vivaldi

16) Fever Ray

17) Imogen Heap/but especially Frou Frou

18) Enya (Lord of the Rings stuff)

19) The Knife ("Heartbeats")

20) Metric/Emily Haines

21) The Most Serene Republic

22) yourtenmofo

23) indian music

24) Jack Johnson

25) any good jazz

26) Colin Fischer

27) Martin Sexton

28) Russian Circles

29) Dylan LeBlanc

30) Pantha du Prince

31) any good classical

32) any good jazz





















1) Deepak Chopra

2) Eckhart Tolle

3) Wayne Dyer

4) Pema Chodron

5) Martin Luther King

6) Malcolm X

7) Michael Eric Dyson

8) Rhonda Byrne

9) Cornel West

10) Bob Proctor

11) Tony Robbins

12) TD Jakes

13) Harvey Milk

14) Mike Dooley

15) John Assarne

16) Francis of Assisi

17) Pope Leo XIII

18) Wilhelm E.F. von Ketteler

19) Rudolph Otto

20) Adolph Kolping

21) Barack Obama

22) Edward Bellamy

23) Toni Negri

24) Gandhi

25) Harvey Cox

26) Dan McKanan

27) Mark D. Jordan

28) Martin Heidigger

29) Mircea Eliade

30) William Blake


31) Norm Macdonald

32) Mitch Hedberg

33) Mitch Fatel

34) Nick Swardson

35) Kyle Cease

36) Robert Buscemi

37) Eddie Izzard

38) Graham Norton

39) John Stewart

40) Stephen Colbert

41) Bill Maher

42) David Cross

43) Zack Galifianakis

44) Daniel Tosh

45) Ali G

46) Flight of the Conchords

47) Josh Blue

48) Maria Bamford

49) Bob Dassie

50) Craig Cackowski


If you're ever feeling depressed, I hope you youtube some of these people above.


AND 365 POETS TO CHECK OUT (check out a new poet every day of the year):

1) Greg Williamson

2) Simon Armitage

3) Glyn Maxwell

4) Lavinia Greenlaw

5) Cynthia Zarin

6) Sharmila Voorakkara

7) Nancy Eimers

8) Li-Young Lee

9) William Olsen

10) Gregory Orr

11) Rita Dove

12) Dionisio D. Martinez

13) Anselm Hollo

14) Allen Ginsberg

15) Edgar Allan Poe

16) Charles Wright

17) Carol Ann Duffy

18) Rae Armantrout

19) Eric Torgersen

20) Shannon Jonas

21) W.S. Merwin

22) Louise Erdrich

23) Gjertrud Schnackenberg

24) Richard Katrovas

25) Brad Leithauser

26) Gary Soto

27) Vikram Seth

28) Sean O'Brien

29) Daniel Hall

30) Paul Muldoon

31) Jett McAlister

32) Jorie Graham

33) Nicholas Christopher

34) Dana Gioia

35) Amy Lynn Hess

36) Anne Carson

37) Robert Hass

38) Charles Bernstein

39) Charles Bukowski

40) James Tate

41) Tom C. Hunley

42) Angie Estes

43) James Fenton

44) Agha Shahid Ali

45) Peter Huggins

46) Robyn Sarah

47) Peter Campion

48) Richard Kenney

49) Jane Shore

50) Lucia Perillo

51) Rainer Maria Rilke

52) Jack Kerouac

53) Gary Snyder

54) Claudia Emerson

55) Ted Kooser

56) Robert Creeley

57) Franz Wright

58) Carl Dennis

59) Stephen Dunn

60) Lisel Mueller

61) Jorie Graham

62) Louise Gluck

63) Philip Levine

64) Mona Van Duyn

65) Charles Simic

66) Richard Wibur

67) Sylvia Plath

68) Carolyn Kizer

69) Mary Oliver

70) Mark Doty

71) Frank Bidart

72) Reginald Gibbons

73) Richard Howard

74) Patricia Smith

75) Mary Jo Bang

76) Kimiko Hahn

77) Tony Hoagland

78) Marilyn Nelson

79) Keith Waldrop

80) Ann Lauterbach

81) Carl Phillips

82) Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon

83)  Linda Bierds

84) Kevin Young

85) Davis McCombs

86) D. Nurske

87) Lynn Xu

88) Leonard Cohen

89) Bob Dylan

90) Ron Riekki

91) L.E. Sissman

92) Eleanor Wilner

93) Linda Gregerson

94) Stanley Plumly

95) Tupac

96) Ellen Bryant Voigt

97) Charles Simic

98) Vijay Seshadri

99) Quan Barry

100) Ravi Shankar

   AND CHECK OUT THESE AMAZING OUTLAW WRITERS (most from the great book The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry)

101) Kathleen Wood

102) Eve Wood

103) David Wojnarowicz

104) Bana Witt

105) A.D. Winans

106) Peter Lamborn Wilson

107) William Carlos Williams

108) Jack Wiler

109) Carol Wierzbicki

110) Walt Whitman

111) Albert Vitale

112) Fred Voss

113) D.R. Wagner

114) Tom Waits

115) Anne Waldman

116) Scott Wannberg

117) William Wantling

118) Carl Watson

119) ruth weiss

120) Philip Whalen

121) Patricia Smith

122) Patti Smith

123) Gary Snyder

124) Sparrow

125) Julia Stein

126) Claude Taylor

127) Marvin Taylor

128) John Thomas

129) Julia Vinograd

130) Melvin Van Peebles

131) The Unbearables

132) David L. Ulbin

133) George Tsongas

134) David Trinidad

135) Mike Topp

136) Hunter S. Thompson

137) Marc Smith

138) Hal Sirowitz

139) Bucky Sinister

140) Herschel Silverman

141) Danny Shot

142) Bill Shields

143) Tupac Shakur

144) Assata Shakur

145) Hubert Selby Jr.

146) Susan Scutti

147) Tony Scibella

148) Steve Richmond

149) Ron Riekki

150) Frank T. Rios

151) Larry Rivers

152) Luis Rodriguez

153) Sheree Rose

154) David Roskos

155) Barney Rosset

156) Thaddeus Rutkowski

157) Sonia Sanchez

158) Jimmy Santiago Baca

159) Sapphire

160) Miguel Pinero

161) Maura O'Connor

162) Vytantas Pliura

163) Frank O'Hara

164) Charles Plymell

165) Marc Olmsted

166) Jackson Pollack

167) Neil Ortenberg

168) Janine Pommy Vega

169) Simon J. Ortiz

170) N. Pourjaundy

171) Ron Padgett

172) Richard Pryor

173) Jill Rapaport

174) Kenneth Patchen

175) Ishmael Reed

176) Stuart Z. Perkoff

177) Lou Reed

178) Roger Richards

179) Pedro Pietri

180) Alice Notley

181) Harold Norse

182) Gerald Nicosia

183) Eileen Myles

184) Henry J. Morro

185) Jim Morrison

186) Tracie Morris

187) James Ryan Morris

188) Todd Moore

189) Mike M. Mollett

190) Henry Miller

191) Bobby Miller

192) Jack Micheline

193) Sharon Mesmer

194) Sarah Menefee

195) Ann Menebroker

196) David Meltzer

197) Tony Medina

198) Thomas McGrath

199) Kaye McDonough

200) Jeffrey McDaniel

201) Mumia Abu-Jamal

202) Kathy Acker

203) Ai

204) Miguel Algarin

205) Rafael F.J. Alvarado

206) Rafael Alvarez

207) John Bullock

208) David Amram

209) Rudolfo Anaya

210) Sini Anderson

211) Hannah Aquaah

212) Penny Arcade

213) Amiri Baraka

214) Julian Beck

215) John Bennett

216) Mark Benyo

217) Ted Berk

218) Wallace Berman

219) Steven J. Bernstein

220) Father Daniel Berrigan

221) Iris Berry

222) Umar Bin Hassan

223) Max Blagg

224) Jennifer Blowdryer

225) Cecil Boatswain

226) Laurel Ann Bogen

227) Joe Brainard

228) Richard Brautigan

229) Ray Bremser

230) Douglas Brinkley

231) Jim Brodey

232) Eric Brown

233) Lenny Bruce

234) Michael Bruner

235) William S. Burroughs

236) Regie Cabico

237) Cal

238) Steve Cannon

239) Jim Carroll

240) Michael Carter

241) Neal Cassady

242) Jim Chandler

243) Neeli Cherkovski

244) Justin Chin

245) Andy Clausen

246) Allen Cohen

247) Ira Cohen

248) Leonard Cohen

249) Wanda Coleman

250) Gregory Corso

251) Jayne Cortez

252) Peter Coyote

253) Steve Dalachinsky

254) Maria Damun

255) Alejo Dao'ud Rodriguez

256) James Dean

257) Ken DiMaggio

258) Diane diPrima

259) Edward Dorn

260) Lawrence Durrell

261) Bob Dylan

262) Evert Eden

263) Herby Ehinger

264) Maggie Estep

265) Janice Eidus

266) John Farris

267) Jim Feast

268) Lawrence Ferlinghetti

269) Israel Fernandez

270) Daniel Ferri

271) Bonnie Finberg

272) Karen Finley

273) Frank Fissette

274) Bob Flanagan

275) Merry Fortune

276) FrancEye

277) Rebecca Fransway

278) Patricia Freed Ackerman

279) Reg E. Gaines

280) Nelson Gary

281) Kathi Georges

282) Amy Gerstler

283) John Gilmore

284) Allen Ginsberg

285) John Giorno

286) Buddy Giovinazzi

287) Michael Gizzi

288) Mike Golden

289) David Gollub

290) Gerry Gomez Pearlberg

291) Matt Gonzalez

292) Jeff Gordon

293) S.A. Griffin

294) Che Guevara

295) Woody Guthrie

296) Fritz Hamilton

297) Q.R. Hand

298) Jay Harjo

299) Helen A. Harrison

300) Kurt Heinz

301) David Henderson

302) Gil Scott-Heron

303) Victor Hernandez Cruz

304) Daniel Higgs

305) Jack Hirschman

306) Abbie Hoffman

307) Sara Holbrook

308) Mikhail Horowitz

309) David Huberman

310) Herbert Huncke

311) C.X. Hunter

312) Hank Hyena

313) Bruce Isaacson

314) Kathe Izzo

315) Joan Jobe Smith

316) Hettie Jones

317) Janis Joplin

318) Lenore Kandel

319) Vampyre Mike Kassel

320) Alan Kaufman

321) Bob Kaufman

322) Jack Kerouac

323) Jan Kerouac

324) Ken Kesey

325) Klipschutz

326) Doug Knott

327) Ron Kolm

328) Tuli Kupferberg

329) Michael Lally

330) Philip Lamantia

331) Paul Landry

332) Jennifer Lee

333) David Lerner

334) d.a. levy

335) Joel Lewis

336) Tsaurah Litzsky

337) Gerald Locklin

338) Philomene Long

339) Michael McClure

340) Joe Maynard

341) Sylvere Lotringer

342) Dominique Lowell

343) Danny Lyon

344) Norman Mailer

345) Judith Molina

346) Gerard Malanga

347) Taylor Mali

348) Andrea Devenney

349) Marvin Malone

350) Amy Lynn Hess

351) William J. Margolis

352) Lisa Martinovic

353) Ellyn Maybe












   to be continued . . .


I love music, so thought I'd put my jottings down here for other people who are always looking for stuff to listen to.

This is my list of top 25 singles of 2010 (revised):

1) Reporter “Click Shaw”

2) Coeur de pirate “Comme des enfants”

3) LCD Soundsystem “Drunk Girls”

4) Pogo “Alice (Disney Remix),”

5) MNDR “I Go Away”

6) Massive Attack featuring Hope Sandoval “Paradise Circus”

7) Pogo “Wishery (Disney Remix)”

8) The Gregory Brothers “I’m Not a Witch”

9) Yu(c)k “Automatic”

10) Big K.R.I.T. “Children of the World”

11) Nedry “Scattered”

12) Sleigh Bells “Crown on the Ground”

13) The Gregory Brothers “Bed Intruder Song”

14) The Books “A Cold Freezin’ Night”

15) Gil Scott Heron “Running”

16) Hans Zimmer Inception soundtrack “Half Remembered Dream”

17) Kiana Takaki “So Slender”

18) Perfume Genius “Mr. Peterson”

19) Janelle Monae “Tightrope”

20) Gil Scott Heron “Running”

21) Cee-Lo “Fuck You”

22) Jenny and Johnny “Scissor Runner”

23) Reggie Watts “My History Thus Far”

24) Sleigh Bells “Infinity Guitars”

25) The National “Bloodbuzz Ohio”

Honorable mentions: Carter Burwell True Grit soundtrack “The Wicked Flee”

the entire "Un Prophete" soundtrack, but especially the self-titled first track

Die Antwoord “Wat Pomp”

Here's 12 youtube videos I discovered and fell in love with in 2010 (with a 16 word or less blurb about them afterwards):

1) Tallest Man on Earth's NPR Tiny Desk performance--this guy's a genius and he's from Sweden so he rules!

2) Dawn Landes' "Straight Lines"--beautiful, just discovered her a few minutes ago

3) MNDR's "I Go Away"--I keep playing this song over and over

4) Yu(c)k's "Automatic"--with the video, this song is flawless

5) The Hours soundtrack--I like to write to this soundtrack

6) Reporter's "Click Shaw"--an amazing band, I wish I could interview them

7) Kiana Takaki's "So Slender"--hauntingly sad song performed by a high school student

8) Nataly Dawn -- any cover she does

9) The XX -- any song by them (not the remixes though)

10) Oh No Ono's "Swim" -- eerie, amazing

11) Battles' "Atlas" (especially live on Jools Holland) -- I love when bands have a completely unique sound

12) Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's performance on French TV -- what music is about, reminds me of a Detroit Radiohead concert I saw, that much passion

I hope you'll give these artists a listen. Awesome stuff! Looking forward to new musical discoveries in 2011!


The fiction writer MELINDA MOUSTAKIS writes:

"I would call this list Best of Recent Rainy Day Recollections:

Deep Red Bells Neko Case

Dark Matter Andrew Bird

Dream Priscilla Ahn

Suspended in Gaffa Kate Bush

The Man That Got Away Judy Garland

Circle Game Joni Mitchell

Come Pick Me Up Ryan Adams

In the Devil's Territory Sufjian Stevens

Angel in Montgomery Bonnie Raitt and John Prine

Just for Now Imogen Heap

Black River Amos Lee

If You Knew Nina Simone

Be Your Husband Jeff Buckley

Never Going Back Again Fleetwood Mac

Good to me as I am to You Aretha Franklin"

Check out her short story "The Weight of You" at

* * *

Clifford Garstang writes:

As for music, I tend to go for classical music when I'm writing (Yo Yo Ma's recording of Bach's Cello Suites is my favorite), but otherwise I'm a fan of the folky singer songwriters. A few I've been listening to lately: Nathan Moore's In His Own Worlds, David Wilcox's Open Hand, Ellis Paul's American Jukebox Fables. As I mentioned, my book comes out in a few weeks from Press 53 ( and there is more information (and blurbs) at

* * *

Amber from Just Your Typical Book Blog writes:

Listening wise, holy crap, I listen to just about everything and anything. Some of my favorite bands are Grateful Dead (raised by a Deadhead), Nirvana, Rolling Stones, Avenged Sevenfold, Green Day, No Doubt, Pink, Johnny Cash, 30 Seconds to Mars, Buddy Holly, Blink 182, Theory of a Dead Man, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, and the list goes on for a few more miles... But one band I am constantly listening to (borderline obsession really) is Seether. They're my musical muse. Song choice wise, here are a few of my favorites:


-Fade Away

-Fine Again

-Six Gun Quota

-Love Her

-The Gift


-Walk Away From the Sun

-Take Me Away


Most of the time I hate when bands do cover of other songs (cause usually they butcher the crap out of it), but these guys do such a great job. I even posted a few links on my LJ about them the other day. If you want to check that out, here's the link:

Sorry, that might have been a little rambly, but they're an awesome band so if you haven't listen to them, you should!

* * *