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Posted by R.A. Riekki on January 4, 2009 at 4:50 AM

Here's my top 500+ artists/CDs/songs in no order. Thank God for music! Caps are if I like everything the artist has done or everything on a CD or if I'm in love with a song). I put in bold my top 20. And an asterisk if it helps put me in a positive mood.
1) RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (especially "EVIL EMPIRE")--my most influential band by far
2) Pantera (VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER, especially "Mouth for War")

4) Monica Freire ("Les eaux de Mars")
5) At the Drive-in ("One Armed Scissor")
6) Loco Locass ("LA CENSURE POUR L'ECHAFAUD," "Mes enfants," "Malamalangue," and "Sheila, ch'us la")
7) EISLEY (especially ROOM NOISES)
8) +/- ("Steal the Blueprints")
10) Danger Mouse ("99 Problems")
11) Arab Strap (MAD FOR SADNESS)
12) K-os ("Superstarr, Part One") *
13) Tilly and the Wall ("The Freest Man") *
16) Naughty By Nature ("GHETTO BASTARD")
17) Jimmy Eat World ("The Middle") *
18) Andrew Bird ("Plasticities") *

20) New Order ("Regret")
22) Ted Leo (any cover he does)
23) Julie Zenatti
24) Sinik
25) Lou Reed
26) Tegan and Sara ("Back in Your Head"!)
27) Menomena ("Weird")
28) U2 ("One") (Bono's speeches *)
29) Nanci Griffith (LITTLE LOVE AFFAIRS)
30) A Tribe Called Quest
31) Hector Berlioz ("Symphonie fantastique")
32) Zero 7
33) Tracy Chapman
34) Corinne Bailey Rae ("Put Your Records On") *
35) Broadcast
36) Patricia Kaas
37) Emily Haines
38) New Pornographers
39) Daniel Johnston
40) Dead Milkmen (early stuff) *
41) Stars ("The Big Fight" and "Your Ex-Lover is Dead")
42) Lyle Lovett (PONTIAC and the Beach Boys tribute *)
43) Via Audio ("Presents") *
44) Jenny Lewis
45) LCD Soundsystem
46) Kate Nash ("Pumpkin Soup")
48) SIA
49) Sufjan Stevens ("Chicago")
50) Ben Gibbard
51) PLACEBO (especially "Black Eyed" and "Running Up that Hill")
52) American Analog Set
53) Joanna Newsom
54) Coldplay

55) Jens Lekman
57) They Might Be Giants (some song about an airport)
58) Katy Perry ("I Kissed a Girl")
59) Waysted
60) early Tom Waits
61) Cassettes Won't Listen ("Freeze and Explode")
62) Young Galaxy
63) Jem ("They")
64) Steven J. Bernstein ("No No Man")
65) early acoustic Dan Bern
67) Dan Seals (RAGE ON)
68) Kings of Convenience ("Misread") *
69) Choir of Young Believers
70) Nick Cave (any slow song)
71) Saul Williams ("List of Demands")
73) Blue King Brown ("Water")
74) Ryan Adams ("Sylvia Plath")
76) Patrick Cleandenim
77) Alex Parks
78) Robyn ("Dream On") *
79) Alexi Murdoch *
80) PlayRadioPlay!
81) The Pipettes
82) Postal Service
83) Adam Green
84) Robbie Robertson (ROBBIE ROBERTSON)
85) Billie Holiday ("Strange Fruit")
86) Robbie Williams ("Millennium")
87) Counting Crows ("Mr. Jones") *
88) Pussy Cat Dolls ("When I Grow Up")
89) Yeah Yeah Yeahs ("Maps" and "Cheated Heart")
90) Sebadoh ("Ocean")

91) Gap Band
92) Ralph Stanley ("O Death")
93) Sharkula ("Army HoDown")
94) Slow News Day (the ishkabibble releases)
95) Au Revoire Simone ("Sad Song" and "A Violent Yet Flammable World")
96) Adam Ant ("Wonderful")
98) XTC ("Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead") *
99) The Polyphonic Spree ("Light & Day")
100) Enon ("Knock That Door" and "Daughter in the House of Fools")
101) The Blow ("True Affection" and the Rory Phillips remix
of "Parentheses")
102) Kerli ("WALKING ON AIR")
103) Bjork ("Isobel")
104) Kira Lynn Cain ("White as a Dove")
105) Afghan Whigs ("Debonair")
106) M.I.A. ("Paper Planes")
108) Isobel Campbell
109) Iron and Wine
110) Lara Fabian ("Je T'aime")
111) Dokken (UNDER LOCK AND KEY)
112) Everything But the Girl (IDLEWILD)
113) Queensryche (OPERATION: MINDCRIME)
114) Neko Case (not her solo recorded stuff, but live she's
115) Bird and the Bee ("Again and Again")
116) Holy Fuck ("Lovely Allen")
117) Sigue Sigue Sputnik (DRESS FOR EXCESS)
118) Los Campesinos! ("DEATH TO LOS CAMPESINOS!" and "MY YEAR IN LISTS")
119) Kings of Leon ("Sex on Fire")
120) The Mountain Goats
121) David Gray

122) Reggie Watts

123) Frou Frou ("Breathe In")

124) El-P ("Deep Space 9mm")

125) Beastie Boys (LICENSE TO ILL, "So What'cha Want," "Sabotage," and "I'M DOWN")

126) Lovage

127) Sneaker Pimps

128) All of the intros to "Weeds"

129) Statler Brothers ("Flowers on the Wall")

130) The Airborne Toxic Event ("Sometime Around Midnight")

131) George Baker Selection ("Little Green Bag")

132) Buck Owens ("Act Naturally" and "Streets of Bakersfield")

133) Jeff Buckley (GRACELAND)


135) Tairrie B ("Murder She Wrote")

136) The Hives ("Walk Idiot Walk")

137) Blonde Redhead

138) Marie Digby (love when she plays piano, but not guitar)
139) Pony Up! ("The Truth about Cats and Dogs" and "Shut Up and Kiss Me") *

140) Bright Eyes ("First Day of My Life," "Easy/Lucky/Free," and "When the President

Talks to God")

141) Third Bass ("Wordz of Wisdom," "Triple Stage Darkness," and "Brooklyn Queens")

142) Squirrel Nut Zippers ("Hell")

143) The Howlies ("Aluminum Baseball Bat")

144) Soko ("I'll Kill Her")

145) Meiko ("Boys with Girlfriends")

146) Nine Inch Nails ("Hurt" and "March of the Pigs")

147) INTO THE WILD soundtrack *

148) LEAVING LAS VEGAS soundtrack (except last song)


150) The Format ("Snails")

151) Spoon ("Small Stakes")

152) Miles Davis (SKETCHES OF SPAIN) *

153) Kool Savas & Optik Army ("Come Clean")

154) Brittany Spears ("Toxic")

155) The Game ("Hate It Or Love It")

156) Cypress Hill (CYPRESS HILL)

157) Eliza Doolittle ("Rollerblades")

158) Ke ("STRANGE WORLD") *

159) Keane

160) The Killers

161) Pearl Jam ("Corduroy") *

162) Rancid ("Salvation")

163) Del ("Mistadoblina")

164) Q-Tip ("Breathe and Stop," "Vivrant Thing," "ManWomanBoogie")

165) Pharcyde ("Drop")

166) DMX ("Party UP")

167) T.I. ("Rubber Band Man")

168) The Hold Steady ("The Swish")

169) Ice T ("Mind Over Matter")

170) ICP ("Hokus Pokus" and "Let's Go All the Way")

171) the drums on Slayer's ("Angel of Death")

172) Avril Lavigne ("I'm with You")

173) Sara Groves ("He's Always Been Faithful" and "What Do I Know")

174) Tracy Bonham ("Mother Mother")

175) Ariane Moffatt ("Montreal)"

176) DJ Zack Daniels and Sinister Kane with John Greasy ("Sunshowers")

177) The Ting Tings ("That's Not My Name")

178) Sonic Youth ("I Wanna Be Your Dog," "Bull in the Heather" *, "Incinerate," and "Rapture")

179) Brooks & Dunn ("Red Dirt Road")

180) Sarah McLaughlin ("Adia") *

181) early Modest Mouse

182) Phantom Planet ("California")

183) Beck ("SUNDAY SUN") *

184) Toby Keith ("Should've Been a Cowboy")

185) Bob Dylan

186) The Beatles ("Ballad of John and Yoko," "The Long and Winding Road," and "Paperback Writer")

187) Johnny Cash ("Folsom Prison Blues")

188) VINCENT GALLO/BUFFALO '66 soundtrack


190) Common Market ("Connect For")

191) Queens of the Stone Age ("No One Knows")

192) Nas ("One Mic" and "Hip Hop is Dead")

193) Dead Prez ("Hell Yeah")



196) Fastway (the Trick or Treat soundtrack, especially "After Midnight")

197) Black Sabbath ("Eternal Idol")

198) Tesla ("Changes" and "Little Suzie")

199) David Lee Roth ("Yankee Rose," "That's Life," and "Just Like Paradise")

200) Demented Soul ("Tic Tac Orange: A Minstrel")

201) Eskobar with Heather Nova

202) Ian Brown

203) Gomez

204) Jamiroquai ("Vritual Insanity")

205) Fettes Brot ("Da draussen")

206) Faithless

207) Spiritualized

208) 10,000 Maniacs ("Hey Jack" * and "Candy [Everybody Wants])

209) Neil Young ("Harvest Moon")

210) NEW YORK SCUM ROCK LIVE AT CBGB (especially Bloodsuckers from Outer Space, Da Willys, Hammerbrain, Deans of Discipline, . . . oh, the whole thing really) *

211) The White Stripes

212) System of a Down ("Prison Song")

213) Metallica ("Wherever I May Roam," "Jump in the Fire," and "Last Caress/Green Hell")

214) Grateful Dead ("Touch of Grey")


216) TOM GREEN (his TV show) *

217) Oasis

218) Sepultura (live)

219) Cinderella ("Somebody Save Me")

220) Living Colour ("Cult of Personality")

221) Motorhead ("Ace of Spades")

222) Journey ("Don't Stop Believing") *

223) Nirvana ("Territorial Pissings") *

224) Ballerina Black ("Microphones in the Mattress")

225) Mos Def ("Quiet Dog")

226) ALI G *

227) Cheech & Chong ("Basketball Jones")

228) Harry Connick Jr. ("Recipe for Love" and "We Are in Love")


230) D-Nice ("They Call Me D-Nice")

231) Crash Test Dummies ("MMM MMM MMM MMM") *

232) Cracker ("Teen Angst")

233) Depeche Mode ("Enjoy the Silence") *

234) Garbage ("I'm Only Happy When It Rains")

235) Harvey Danger ("Flagpole Sitta")

236) Porno for Pyros ("Pets")

237) Lenny Kravitz ("It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over")

238) K's Choice ("NOT AN ADDICT") *


240) Soul Asylum

241) Bruce Springsteen ("Streets of Philadelphia" and "Secret Garden")

242) Aimee Mann *

243) The Verve Pipe ("The Freshmen")

244) The Wallflowers ("One Headlight")

245) Limp Bizkit ("Faith")

246) Black Moon ("I Got Cha Open")

247) Def Jef ("Black to the Future")

248) Dead Kennedys (Bedtime for Democracy)

249) S.O.D. (any song by them that's under a minute, esp. from Speak English or Die)

250) Underworld ("Born Slippy")

251) Stacy Earl ("Why Do You Try to Hurt Me?")

252) Boz Scaggs ("Heart of Mine")

253) The Veils ("LAVINIA")

254) Toktok vs. Soffie O. ("Day of Mine") *

255) Flaming Lips ("Do You Realize??)

256) CAT POWER ("Lived in Bars," "CROSS BONES STYLE," "Maybe Not," "Werewolf," and more)

257) Black Sheep ("The Choice is Yours")

258) Sex Pistols

259) Mazzy Star

260) Karol Szymanowski (Symphony 3, "Song of the Night")


262) Donots ("Stop the Clocks")

263) John Barnes Chance (Incantation and Dance)

264) Texta featuring Attwenger [("So schno kaust gor net) schaun"] *

265) Blood Red Shoes ("IT'S GETTING BORING BY THE SEA" and "I Wish I Was Someone Better")

266) Kinderzimmer Productions ("Irgendwo zwischen") *

267) Unique II ("Break My Stride")

268) JD Soundworx ("Kin Hate That Bitch")

269) A Whisper in the Noise

270) Elbow ("One Day Like This") *
271) Mercury Rev

272) Nelly Furtado ("Say It Right")

273) Orbital ("The Box")

274) The Vines

275) Air *

276) The Doves

277) Michael Franti and Spearhead ("Say Hey")

278) Len ("Steal My Sunshine")

279) Koop

280) Kery James ("Banlieusards") *

281) Gotan Project

282) Waking Life soundtrack

283) hellogoodbye

284) Poison ("FALLEN ANGEL" and "Ride the Wind")

285) One Day as a Lion ("WILD INTERNATIONAL") *


287) Little Boots ("MEDDLE")

288) Stacy Kent

289) Dancer in the Dark soundtrack

290) Drugstore ("EL PRESIDENT")

291) Soul Attorneys ("These are the Days") *

292) Junior Boys ("In the Morning")

293) Andree Watters *

295) Fountains of Wayne ("Radiation Vibe") *

296) Duchess Says ("CCUT UP")

297) Matre ("Miracle Business" and "The Last Shall Be First")

298) 5th Projekt

299) Rocket to the Moon ("Not a Second to Waste")

300) Ace Enders (acoustic of "Over This")

301) Belle & Sebastian ("The Boy with the Arab Strap" and "Funny Little Frog" *)

302) Adele ("Chasing Pavements")

303) Brett Dennen

304) Ane Brun

305) Automatic Loveletter ("HUSH")

306) Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (performance on French TV) *

307) Bow Wow Wow ("Do You Wanna Hold Me?") *

308) Bran Van 3000 ("Drinking in L.A.")

309) Christa Couture

310) Chromeo ("Needy Girl")

311) POS ("Drumroll")

312) Devil Doll

313) Emma-Lee

314) Emmy the Great

315) K'Naan ("America")

316) Amy Lee "(SALLY'S SONG")

317) She's Having a Baby soundtrack

318) Lily Allen ("Fear")

319) Alastair Moock (WALKING SOUNDS)

320) Al Green ("Simply Beautiful")

321) Battles ("Atlas")

322) Rolling Stones ("Cocksuckers Blues," 1969 version)

323) The Sundays ("Here's Where the Story Ends")

324) The Streets

325) The Field

326) Leonard Cohen

327) just about any movie soundtrack if I'm in the mood

328) Alison Kraus

329) Back to the Future soundtrack

330) Randy Newman (Faust)

331) Buddhist Rent-A-Sluts


333) Oh No Ono ("Swim")

334) Scritti Politti ("Perfect Way")

335) Thompson Twins ("Hold Me Now")

336) The xx *

337) Vijay Iyer Trio

338) Manic Street Preachers

339) Maxwell ("This Woman's Work")

340) Passion Pit ("Sleepyhead")

341) Tevin Campbell ("I'm Ready")

342) Rick Astley ("Never Gonna Give You Up")

343) Shanice ("I Love Your Smile")

344) Nataly Dawn (any cover she does)

345) Calogero

346) just about any French music if I'm in the mood

347) The Band ("Up on Cripple Creek")

348) Kiana Takaki ("So Slender")

349) Jerry Hannan ("Society")

350) Beady Eye

351) Eric Lewis

352) Olafur Arnalds

353) any TED Talks musician *

354) Evelyn Glennie

355) Beach House

356) Danny Kaye (anything from Hans Christian Andersen)

357) Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain

358) any Gregorian chant

359) J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor

360) REPORTER (especially "Click Shaw")

361) Nedry (especially "Scattered")

362) Kitty Tooth Salad/Dan Wrzesinski

363) Band de garage

364) The Martichora ("Quills")

365) Chicago Underground Duo

366) Tallest Man on Earth ("The Gardener" and "I Won't Be Found")

367) Active Child

368) Perfume Genius ("Mr. Peterson" live)

369) The Hours soundtrack

370) MNDR ("I Go Away")

371) Bonnie Prince Billy (if I'm in the mood for his music)

372) Yu(c)k ("Automatic")

373) The Thermals

374) Megadeth ("I Ain't Superstitious" and "These Boots")

375) Simon and Garfunkel ("America," "The Boxer," & "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright")

376) Christine O'Donnell ("I'm Not a Witch" remix)

377) Kid Rock ("Bawitdaba")

378) Edward Scissorhands soundtrack

379) Wagner (Parsifal)

380) Guns 'N Roses ("Patience")

381) Ingrid Michaelson ("The Way I Am")

382) Spacehog ("In the Meantime")

383) Relient K ("Who I Am Hates Who I've Been")

384) Alice in Chains ("No Excuses")

385) Bob Seger ("Shakedown")

386) Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack

387) Keren Ann

388) The Drums ("Best Friend")

389) Gozza

390) Pogo ["Alice (Disney Remix)"]

391) Martin Sexton

392) Bloc Party ("Helicopter")

393) Cee-Lo ("Fuck You")

394) Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Give It Away")

395) Bon Iver

396) Jay-Z ("99 Problems")

397) Arctic Monkeys ("Brainstorm")

398) St. Vincent ("Actor out of Work")

399) Regina Spektor ("No Surprises")

400) Ellie Goulding ("Your Song")

401) any James Bond theme (especially Goldfinger)

402) The Carpenters

403) Wilco ("Heavy Metal Drummer" and "Jesus, Etc.")

404) Asher Roth ("Lark on my Go Kart")

405) Un Prophete soundtrack

406) Social Network soundtrack

407) Amy Winehouse ("Rehab")

408) Portishead

409) Pulp ("Common People" and "Disco 2000")

410) Goldfrapp ("Utopia")

411) Lykke Li ("Get Some")

412) Silversun Pickups ("Panic Switch")

413) Temper Trap ("Sweet Disposition")

414) Frank Sinatra

415) Ataris ("Boys of Summer")

416) Duffy ("Mercy")

417) Tenacious D

418) All Saints

419) tUnE-yArDs ("Gangsta")

420) The Books ("A Cold Freezin' Night")

421) Jamey Johnson ("Two Out of Three Ain't Bad)"

422) Phosphorescent ("Wolves")

423) St. Vincent

424) These New Puritans

425) P.S. I Love You

426) Cathy Davey ("Gloomy Sunday")

427) Local H

428) The Drums ("Best Friend")

429) Skream & Example

430) Zola Jesus ("Night")

431) The National

432) Adb Al Malik featuring Wallen ("Mon Amour")

433) A Camp

434) Mike Patton

435) Mount Eerie

436) Basia

437) Ida Maria

438) The O'Jays ("Love Train")

439) Frank Sinatra

440) Pokey LaFarge

441) Little Dragon

442) Gang of Four ("At Home He Feels Like a Tourist")

443) Amylie

444) Andrea Lindsay

445) Andrew W.K.

446) Colbie Caillat ("Brighter Than the Sun")

447) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

448) Robert Johnson

449) La Caution

450) Hocus Pocus featuring The Procussions

451) Audio Bullys ("We Don't Care")

452) Belly

453) Bet e and Stef

454) Danny Elfman

455) Blink-182 ("All the Small Things")

456) Bloc Party ("Helicopter" on Jools Holland)

457) Natural Born Killers soundtrack

458) Moon soundtrack

459) Matt and Kim

460) The Verve

461) Brigitte Boisjoli

462) Duffy ("Mercy")

463) Nouvelle vague

464) Atmosphere ("Trying to Find a Balance")

465) Chris Isaak ("San Francisco Days")

466) Natalie Imbruglia ("Torn")

467) Bon Iver

468) Dido

469) Duran Duran ("A View to a Kill")

470) just about any James Bond theme song

471) Electric Six

472) Eliza Doolittle ("Skinny Genes")

473) Emily Begin et Steve Marin

474) Fine Young Cannibals

475) The Pixies/Frank Black

476) G Love

477) The Cardigans

478) Genevieve Jodoin

479) Gin Blossoms ("Hey Jealousy")

480) Gin Wigmore

481) Ingrid Michaelson ("The Way I Am")

482) Goldfrapp ("Utopia")

483) Gossip ("Heavy Cross")

484) Grand Corps Malade

485) Groovy Aardvark ("Derangeant")

486) Gwen Stefani featuring Akon ("Sweet Escape")

487) Charlotte Sometimes ("How I Could Just Kill a Man")

488) Jerome Miniere

489) Joel Plaskett ("Through & Through & Through")

490) Jorane

491) Mara Tremblay

492) Marie-Annick Lepine ("Cette jolie photo d'elle")

493) Ko

494) Force MDs ("Love is a House")

495) kd lang ("Constant Craving")

496) Le Tigre

497) Lederhosen Lucil

498) Katy B ("Louder")

499) Purity Ring ("Lofticries")

500) The Band ("The Weight")


502) Like Elliott Did ("Home")

503) Keb Mo

504) LL Cool J ("I'm Bad")

505) Big K.R.I.T. ("Chidren of the World")

506) Lucky Uke

507) Marie-Mai ("C'est moi")

508) Ludo Pin

509) Lumidee ("Uh Oh Uh Oh")

510) M ("Pop Musik")

511) Buggles ("Video Killed the Radio Star")

512) Stagga Lee ["Roll Wit M.V.P. (We Be Like!)]

513) Martin Leon ("Le Phalene")

514) Maryse Letarte ("Ni le feu, ni le vent")

515) Shyne ("That's Gangsta")

516) The D.O.C. ("It's Funky Enough")

517) Master P ("Make 'Em Say Ugh")

518) Massive Attack ("Paradise Circus")

519) Nikka Costa ("Like a Feather")

520) Meaghan Smith ("Here Comes Your Man")

521) Meat Puppets ("Backwater")

522) Spacehog ("In the Meantime")

523) Mickey 3D ("Respire")

524) Milow ("Ayo Technology")

525) Missy Elliott ["The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"]

526) Misteur Valaire

527) Bad Religion ("American Jesus")

528) Sublime ("Summertime")

529) Mogwai

530) Professor Griff & the Last Asiatic Disciples ("Pawns in the Game")

531) Deans of Discipline ("Cute & Drunk")

532) Lunachicks ["Makin' It (With Other Species)"]

533) Waldos ("Golden Days")

534) Ed Gein's Car ("A Girl Just Like You")

535) Mylene Farmer ("California")

536) Natasha St.-Pier

537) Organized Rhyme ("Check the O.R.")

538) Patrick Stump ["Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)"]

539) Oxmo Puccino

540) Peter Peter avec Coeur de pirate


542) Bedouin Soundclash avec Coeur de pirate

543) Pink Martini ("Sympathique" et "Je ne veux pas travailler")

544) any "Gloomy Sunday" cover

545) Radio Radio

546) Raffy

547) Rupa & the April Fishes

548) Zazie

549) Buridane

550) Sagacite

551) Ratatat

552) Daphne

553) Robert Francis

554) RApyksopp

555) Richard Ashcroft

556) Random Recipe

557) Sarah Harmer

558) Sans Pression

559) Scarlett Johansonn ("Falling Down")

560) Blue Foundation

561) The Jezabels

562) James ("Laid")

563) Rilo Kiley ("The Frug")

564) The Asteroids Galaxy Tour ("The Golden Age")

565) George Harrison

566) Carly Rae Jepsen ("Call Me Maybe")

567) Melany Gardot

568) anything on Jools Holland

569) the Songwriters' Circle

570) Richard Thompson

571) the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

572) Pete Doherty

573) The Replacements

574) The Knife

575) Queen ("Don't Stop Me Now")

576) Heat Miser

577) Porgy and Bess

578) Smashing Pumpkins ("1979")



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