Publishings by R A Riekki

BOOKS I WANT TO READ (if you have a used copy, feel free to give it to me at a reading & I will hug you):

   any Michigan Notable Book award-winning book

   Georges Bataille--Eroticism: Death and Sensuality

   John Barth--The Floating Opera, Giles Goat-Boy, The Literature of Exhaustion

   Donald Barthelme--Sixty Stories

   Simone de Beauvoir--The Mandarins, The Second Sex

   Michael O'Sullivan--Brendan Behan, a life

   Aubrey Dillon-Malone--The Hostage, The Sayings of Brendan Behan

   Thomas Berger--Crazy in Berlin, Little Big Man

   Ambrose Bierce--Tales of Soldiers and Civilians

   Jane Bowles--Two Serious Ladies

   Paul Bowles--Collected Short Stories, Let It Come Down, The Sheltering Sky

   Kay Boyle--The First Lover, Plagued by the Nightingale

   Michael Bracewell--The Conclave, Saint Rachael

   Leigh Brackett--The Big Jump, The Sword of Rhiannon, The Tiger Among Us

   André Breton--Nadja

   Poppy Z Brite--Drawing Blood

   Charles Bukowski--Death in a Charity Ward, Hollywood, Septuagenarian Stew, Crazy Love, Barfly screenplay

   Mikhail Bulgakov--The Master and Margarita

   Anthony Burgess--Earthly Powers

   James M Cain--Double Indemnity

   Paul Cain--Fast One

   Italo Calvino--Our Ancestors

   Albert Camus--The Outsider

   Angela Carter--Black Venus, Heroes and Villains, The Magic Toyshop, Nights at the Circus, Several Perceptions, The Passion of New Eve

   Raymond Carver--Where I'm Calling From

   Nick Cave--And the Ass Saw the Angel

   Céline--Journey to the End of Night

   Raymond Chandler--The Big Sleep, The Letters of Raymond Chandler

   Frank MacShane--The Life of Raymond Chandler

   James Hadley Chase--No Orchids for Miss Blandish

   Jean Cocteau--Les Enfants Terribles, Opium

   Nik Cohn--I Am Still the Greatest Says Johnny Angelo

   Colette--Le Képi

   Clarence Cooper Jr--The Farm, Weed

   Dennis Cooper--Closer, Frisk, Guide, Try

   Robert Coover--Gerald's Party, The Origin of the Brunists, Pinnochio in Venice

   Harry Crews--All We Need of Hell, Classic Crews: a reader, The Gospel Singer

   Aleister Crowley--The Diary of a Drug Fiend

   James Crumley--Dancing Bear, The Last Good Kiss, The Mexican Duck Tree, The Wrong Case

   Samuel R Delaney--Babel-17, The Motion of Light in Water, Nova, Triton

   Philip K Dick--Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, The Man in the High Castle, Time Out of Joint

   Joan Didion--Salvador

   Adam Diment--The Dolly Dolly Spy

   JP Donleavy--The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B, The Ginger Man, The History of the Ginger Man: an autobiography

   Harlan Ellison--I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Deathbird Stories

   James Ellroy--American Tabloid, The Black Dahlia, LA Confidentail, My Dark Places

   Loren D Estleman--Edsel, Whiskey River

   John Fante--Ask the Dust, Wait until Spring, Bandini

   Richard Farina--Been Down so Long It Looks Like Up to Me

   William Faulkner--Sanctuary

   Ronald Firbank--Prancing Niggers/Sorrow in Sunlight, Vainglory

   John Fowles--The Collector, The French Lieutenant's Woman, The Magus

   Kinky Friedman--Greenwich Killing Time

   William Gaddis--Carpenters Gothic, The Recognitions

   Jean Genet--Our Lady of the Flowers, A Thief's Journal

   Sylvie Germain--The Medusa Child, Immensities

   William Gibson--Virtual Light

   André Gide--The Immoralists, Journals 1888-1949, Strait is the Gate

   Donald Goines--Kenyatta's Last Hit, Whoreson

   William Golding--The Spire

   David Goodis--Dark Passage, Down There, Nightfall

   Alasdair Gray--Janine 1982, Lanark, Poor Things

   Patrick Hamilton--Hangover Square, Slaves of Solitude

   Dashiell Hammett--The Glass Key, Red Harvest

   Jim Harrison--Sundog

   John Hawkes--The Cannibal, The Lime Twig

   Nathan Heard--Howard Street

   Richard Hell--The Voidoid

   Hermann Hesse--Knulp, Steppenwolf

   Carl Hiaasen--Double Whammy, Tourist Season

   Chester Himes--If He Hollers Let Him Go, A Rage in Harlem

   SE Hinton--Rumble Fish, That Was Then, This Is Now

   Stewart Home--Slow Death

   Robert E Howard--Conan the Barbarian

   Dorothy B Hughes--In a Lonely Place, Ride the Pink Horse

   Herbert Huncke--Guilty of Everything

   Aldous Huxley--Antic Hay, Eyeless in Gaza, Island

   Joris Karl Huysmans--A Rebours, Là-Bas

   Tama Janowitz--American Dad

   Sebastien Japrisot--Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun, One Deadly Summer, Trap for Cinderella

   Alfred Jarry--Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician, The Ubu Plays (in English or French, after the first one)

   BS Johnson--Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry, Trawl

   Anna Kavan--Ice, Who Are You?

   James Kelman--A Chancer, A Disaffection

   William Kennedy--The Albany Cycle

   Gerald Kersh--Fowler's End, Night and the City

   Stephen King--Carrie

   Jerzy Kosinski--Being There, The Painted Bird

   Milan Kundera--The Joke

   Gavin Lambert--The Goodbye People, Inside Daisy Clover, The Slide Area

   Ring Lardner--Own Your Own Home, You Know Me Al

   Sheridan Le Fanu--In a Glass Darkly

   Doris Lessing--The Good Terrorist, Under My Skin

   Ted Lewis--Billy Rags, Jack's Return Home

   Jack London--The Iron Heel, John Barleycorn, Martin Eden (are these any good?)

   HP Lovecraft--At the Mountains of Madness, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

   Colin MacInnes--Absolute Beginners, City of Spades, Mr Love and Justice

   Gould--Inside Outsider

   Norman Mailer--The Executioner's Song, The White Negro

   Dan Mannix--The Beast, Memoirs of a Sword Swallower

   William March--The Bad Seed

   Cormac McCarthy--Blood Meridian

   Horace McCoy--I Should Have Stayed at Home, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

   Carson McCullers--Reflections in a Golden Eye, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

   Ian McEwan--Black Dogs, The Cement Garden, The Comfort of Strangers

   Patrick McGrath--Dr Haggard's Disease, The Grotesque

   Thomas McGuane--The Bushwacked Piano, Nothing But Blue Skies

   Gustav Meyrink--The Golem

   Martin Millar--Lux the Poet, Milk, Sulphate and Alby Starvation

   Henry Miller--Plexus, Nexus

   Yukio Mishima--Confessions of a Mask, The Sailor who Fell from Grace with the Sea, The Sea of Fertility

   Michael Moorcock--The Final Programme, A Cure for Cancer, The English Assassin, The Condition of Muzak

   Seth Morgan--Homeboy

   Walter Mosley--Devil in a Blue Dress, A Red Death, White Butterfly, Black Betty, A Little Yellow Dog, Gone Fishin'

   Ryu Murakami--Almost Transparent Blue

   Robert Musil--The Man Without Qualities

   Anaïs Nin--Henry and June, Incest, Fire, Spy in the House of Love, The Journals Vol. II-VII

   Jeff Noon--Automated Alice

   Flann O'Brien--At Swim-Two-Birds, The Poor Mouth, The Third Policeman

   Joyce Carol Oates--A Bloodsmoor Romance, On Boxing, With Shuddering Fall, Them

   Pier Paolo Pasolini--A Violent Life

   Mervyn Peake--Titus Groan, Gormenghast, Titus Alone

   Georges Perec--Life: a user's manual, A Void

   Edgar Allan Poe--Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque

   Richard Price--Clockers

   Thomas Pynchon--Gravity's Rainbow

   Thomas De Quincey--Confessions of an English Opium Eater

   Raymond Radriguet--Devil in the Flesh

   Simon Raven--Alms for Oblivion (ten volumes)

   Derek Raymond--The Crust on its Uppers, He Died With His Eyes Open, The Hidden Files, I Was Dora Suarez, A State of Denmark

   John Rechy--Bodies and Souls

   Ishmael Reed--The Freelance Pallbearers, Mumbo Jumbo, Reckless Eyeballing

   Tom Robbins--Jitterbug Perfume

   Henry Rollins--Eye Scream

   Damon Runyon--On Broadway

   Leopold von Sacher-Masoch--Venus in Furs

   Kaye Gibbons--In Search of JD Salinger

   James Salter--A Sport and a Pastime, Hunters

   Jean-Paul Sartre--Roads to Freedom

   Budd Schulberg--The Disenchanted, On the Waterfront

   Bruno Schulz--The Street of Crocodiles

   Delmore Schwartz--Galahad I, In Dreams Begin Responsibilities, The World is a Wedding

   Will Self--Great Apes

   Samuel Selvon--The Lonely Londoners

   Alan Sillitoe--Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

   Herbert Simmons--Corner Boy

   Iain Sinclair--Downriver

   Iceberg Slim--Pimp, Trick Baby

   Susan Sontag--The Benefactor

   Terry Southern--The Magic Christian

   Bruce Sterling--The Difference Engine, Mirrorshades: a cyberpunk anthology, Schismatrix

   Bram Stoker--Lair of the White Witch

   Robert Stone--Dog Soldiers, A Flag for Sunrise

   Jim Thompson--After Dark My Sweet, The Getaway, The Killer inside Me, Pop. 1280

   Newton Thornburg--Cutter and Bone

   Alexander Trocchi--Cain's Book, Young Adam

   Boris Vian--Froth on the Daydream, Heartsnatcher

   Keith Waterhouse--Billy Liar

   Denton Welch--In Youth is Pleasure, Maiden Voyage

   Oscar Wilde--The Ballad of Reading Gaol, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories

   Charles Willeford--The Cockfighter, Miami Blues

   John A Williams--The Angry Ones/One for New York, The Man who Cried I Am

   Colin Wilson--Adrift in Soho, The Mind Parasites, The Outsider, Ritual in the Dark

   Jeanette Winterson--The Passion

   Tobias Wolff--The Barracks Thief

   Cornell Woolrich--the Série Noir novels

   Richard Wright--Black Boy

   Rudolph Wurlitzer--Quake   

            Bram Stoker Award—Novel (2010-2017)

Clive Barker—The Scarlet Gospels

Michaelbrent Collings—The Deep

Christopher Conlon—A Matrix of Angels

Craig DiLouie—Suffer the Children

Benjamin Kane Ethridge—Bottled Abyss

John Everson--Nightwhere

JG Faherty—The Cure

Patrick Freivald—Black Tide; Jade Sky

Elizabeth Hand—Hard Light

Joe Hill—Horns, NOS4A2

Stephen Graham Jones—Mongrel

Caitlin R. Kiernan—The Drowning Girl

Stephen King—Doctor Sleep (won)

Craig Lamberson—Cosmic Forces

John Langan—The Fisherman (won)

Bentley Little—The Haunted

Bracken MacLeod—Stranded

Jonathan Maberry—Rot and Ruin

Ronald Malfi—Floating Staircase

Linda Watanabe McFerrin—Dead Love

Joe Mckinney—Apocalypse of the Dead; Flesh Eaters (won); Inheritance

Lisa Morton—Malediction

Gene O’Neill—Not Fade Away

Chuck Palahniuk—Beautiful You

Christopher Rice—The Heavens Rise, The Vines

Jeff Strand--Dweller

Peter Straub—A Dark Matter (won)

Steve Rasnic Tem—Blood Kin (won)

Lee Thomas—The German

Paul Tremblay—Disappearance at Devil’s Rock

F. Paul Wilson and Sarah Pinborough—A Necessary End


            Bram Stoker Awards—Fiction Collection 2010-2015

Nathan Ballingrud—North American Lake Monsters

Laird Barron—The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All and Other Stories (won); Occultation

Gary A. Braunbeck—Halfway Down the Stairs

Michael Louis Calvillo—Blood and Gristle

Jonathan Carroll—Woman Who Married a Cloud

Mort Castle—New Moon on the Water (won)

Lawrence C. Connollly--Voices

Nicole Cushing—The Mirrors

James Dorr—The Tears of Isis

Christopher Fowler—Red Gloves

Taylor Grant—The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Elizabeth Hand--Errantry

Glen Hirshberg—The Janus Tree

Stephen Graham Jones—After the People Lights Have Gone Off; The Ones that Got Away

Caitlin R. Kiernan—The Ape’s Wife and Other Stories; Two Worlds and in Between

Stephen King—Full Dark, No Stars

John R. Little—Little by Little

Helen Marshall—Gifts for the One Who Comes After

Lisa Morton—Monsters of L.A.

Joyce Carol Oates—Black Dahlia and White Rose (won); The Corn Maiden and Other Nightmares (won)

Weston Ochse—Multiplex Fandango

Gene O’Neill—Dance of the Blue Lady; The Hitchhiking Effect

Harry Shannon—A Host of Shadows

Lucy A. Snyder—Soft Apocalypses (won); While the Black Stars (won)

S.P. Somtow—Bible Stories for Secular Humanists

John F.D. Taff—The End in All Beginnings